I've read good reviews, I've read bad ones, for each dating script out there. First of all, I have seen no names, no order references or whatever they got there, I have called both Boon Ex and ABK-Soft a couple of times to ask who these people were and if I could have their contact details or something.

Both refused, for some reason (non-disclosure agreements or something, BTW Boon Ex replied only within 8 (huh?! Anyways, I'd be more than glad to talk to any one of you over the phone both those complaining against and those standing for Able, Dolphin, Ska or anything else.

They claim to have an office in California, but it is no doubt either a broom closet or a mailbox.


We paid for a unique template 6 weeks ago and still have not received it.

ABK-soft are a Russian firm who think they can fleece money from people and not deliver Beware of Able Dating/ ABK-Soft as you will be dissapointed and if you are stupid enough to deal with these people, pay by CC so you can charge back when you receive nothing.

In the end, the logo design was anything but custom --- such a basic thing that any 10-year old with MS Paint could have done, and much more quickly.

Any kind of support is horrible, if the company even responds.

Also you can check reviews at and look under Able Dating and you can also see the good reviews (with spelling mistakes) written by them and the true bad experiences.

For further comment on these scammers then please read the link below. Hi Dmitry Rudakov, aka Frank Rowley or Matthew Lesley or Vicent Galiany. We have started legal proceedings against you you scumbag so do not think you can hide in vladimar, Russia and get away with it.

level=picture&id=173), unless that is fake or something, can't be sure these days ..

I would love to get some more info from all three of you guys, as I believe you've been customers and consumers of their products, taneboy, dodiz and canadiangoose: Would you be so kind as to mail me at [email protected] anytime, I'd like to discuss the problems you've had, if you don't mind, of course.

When a problem happens, they are quick to blame ABK*Soft, although their servers are *supposedly* configured to work perfectly with Able Dating!!!

I've been online since before the internet had a user interface, and I must say that the three (3) worst online customer service experiences I have *ever* had include ABK*Soft and Vista Pages.

I'm due to launch my portal at the beginning of 2009, so I'm really going through all the pain to check each and every spot online before acutally buying one of the scripts, because I can't afford losing money...