Although Mizanin attempted to disown the comments as merely those of his uncle, Smith and their other housemate, Malik Cooper, who are both blacks, were offended.

Coral and the other housemates went on to teach Mizanin about black culture, such as the life of Malcolm X.

At the end of that season, at The Gauntlet III Reunion Special, Smith explained that she left because she was unwilling to tolerate what she perceived as disreputable behavior by her teammates; an observation that was corroborated by teammate Katie Doyle.

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But death-defying feats of athleticism in far-flung locals isn’t the only thing that Boise is about.

A Montana native, Abram is also an accomplished artist, working in various mediums including sculpture, painting and illustration.

This marked Smith's first Challenge in which she did not make it to the final mission.

Much curiosity and speculation has arisen over Smith's relationship with Abram Boise from Road Rules: South Pacific during Battle of the Sexes 2.

We were curious about the genesis of this work, and Abram was kind enough to take time away from his book tour to answer some of our questions: : Absolutely.

I also really want to inspire as many young minds as I can, and encourage their imaginations and couple that with the principle that perseverance will pay off in the end.

If I could establish that idea in even only a few thousand young minds I think the world would be actively better.

by Margaret Hodges, I have searched for the specific copy of that book that I remember, and have not found it, but I love the beautiful illustrations. I just don’t see as many truly visually beautiful picture books anymore, so I wanted to put one out that was like what I remember as a kid.

In response to a question by an MTV rep, Smith said: I wouldn't expect Abram to invest his time or pursue a woman like myself, that's so mouthy and such a feminist I believe that I'm a strong woman and I believe that a lot of my morals and how I live my life was completely opposite than his.