Athena Cadence, 29, staged her hunger strike after being jailed on assault and false imprisonment charges, which she says stemmed from a psychotic episode she had when she was prescribed the wrong medication in November 2015.

Other accommodations could include providing large-print documents or typewritten material in a large, clear font.

Adults with dyslexia and other learning disabilities should seek assistance from testing and evaluation professionals.

The condition is most often recognized in children, but it is a life-long impairment that can greatly restrict you at work.

If you are dyslexic, don’t be afraid to ask your boss or a prospective employer for assistance to help you succeed on the job.

“Once I got into it, I realized how specialized, how very nuanced this really was in terms of being respectful and maintaining the safety of the jail,” Hennessy said.

“The training is important because this is new to people.

You are entitled to accommodations, even if your workplace has fewer than 15 employees, but you must ask your employer to provide them.

Many workplace accommodations don’t involve extra expense or undue hardship.

Simply allowing you to take more time to complete tasks involving reading may be all that is necessary.

Other accommodations include scanning documents into a computer and converting text to audio, or using voice-output software, also called screen-reading software, that highlights and reads text out loud from the computer screen.

But the policy, which addresses not just housing but how a transgender inmate is treated from booking to release, has been stalled for months in negotiations with unions representing jail deputies and managers.