Cared for by his paediatrician father, he would often crawl into bed with his dad "because I couldn't get to sleep otherwise".

Slouched in a London hotel room, Duritz's softly spoken drawl belies his burly frame as he recalls his period of LSD-induced turmoil. I didn't want to be reminded all day and all night that I'm famous." Duritz got a house in Laurel Canyon, tended bar at Johnny Depp's club The Viper Room and dated a list of actresses that included Friends' Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

"I only did some but it was enough to damage everything. It's like waking up on Mars - the gravity's all different." Los Angeles was, ironically, the place he came to get his feet back on the ground. But life in LA has provided no magic solution for the troubled introspection in his songs.

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For years she was a typical struggling actress in B-films and low-paying jobs.

She had her first break through in 1997's Con Air with actor-turned-hack, Nicolas Cage.

Monica first dipped her toe in the ocean of show business back in Cleveland.

Her father sent a blossoming 12-year-old Monica's photograph to a local modeling agency, which hired her immediately.

When she was 18, she moved to Miami, Florida, and landed a job on a children's show that shot in Peru, which she described as the "disaster of disasters".

She gave birth to her first child a year later when she was nineteen.

Counting Crows vocalist and driving force Adam Duritz moved there in 1994 when he was already a big star.

His band's debut album August And Everything After was on its way to selling 10 million copies, his dreadlock extensions and pained features instantly recognisable from the heavily rotated video for the single "Mister Jones".

When she was 24, Monica moved on to Hollywood with a small child in tow and another on the way.

The first job Monica Potter sunk her teeth into when she arrived in Los Angeles four years ago was chewing gum.

Finding his feet as a musician, Duritz dreamed of making his mark on the world - but when the fame craved on "Mr Jones" came his way, he had a breakdown. Nobody cares about me in LA; it's like being here in London. It's a deeply confessional and strangely disembodied work with songs such as "Amy Hit The Atmosphere", and "I Wish I Was A Girl" tapping into the neurosis beneath the façade of glitz and glamour.