Sartain, Patrick Todd, born 24 March 1976, died 09 June 2011 in Oakman, Alabama, USAOur Remembrance Our loving Son, Brother and Dad. I know that you are in Heaven and we will see you again.

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There's not a day or minute that goes by I don't miss you and want you here. Love Your Sister n Best Friend, Claudia Leos, Richard Lee, born 02 June 1986, died 11 March 2011 in Dallas, Texas Our Remembrance This is in remembrance of my beautiful handsome son Richard Lee whom I miss deeply every waking minute of my life and whom I will never forget. He had to go to a different school system soon after and we eventually stopped talking.

I know that's selfish as you are at peace and can sleep now. I take with me your giving heart, your endless smile and the 24 short years of pure selfless love you gave me. Jenkins, Keith Robert, born 06 November 1989, died 09 April 2014 in Manhattan, Kansas Our Remembrance My best friend, my companion, my love, my everything. Cook, Matthew, born 24 March 1972, died 15 February 2012 in Kentucky, USAOur Remembrance You were made perfectly to be loved - and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long. Maw Maw Donna Raio, Kym Ann Ross, born 28 June 1958, died 11 April 1999 in Newbury Park, California Our Remembrance My mom.. Once I got into high school it turns out he was at the same one I was at, something was different though. Will you keep helping me and being there when I need it most?

Bullying is cruel, and if it stopped, you never would have decided to punish yourself. -Love from Michigan, USDodson, Jeremy Michael, born 29 September 1975, died 19 April 2010 in Lees Summit, Missouri Our Remembrance My Beautiful Son, I miss you every second of the day and hope you have found Peace in God\'s Arms. I told you often \"I Love You\" but I don\'t think you knew just how much.

Cuatt, Cyndi, born 24 July 1984, died 23 August 2009 in Arizona Our Remembrance One learns to live with the loss, tragedy and waste. I want to remember her vividly: her laughter, moments of joy, her humility and integrity.

Athey, Jerry, born 30 November 1979, died 30 November 2012 in Waco, Texas, USAOur Remembrance I love you Bubba and I miss you so much. April 27 by Karyl Abreu, Ryan, born 18 August 1995, died 27 August 2014 in Pembroke PInes, Florida, USAOur Remembrance You were always our sweet angel on Earth; now you are our angel in heaven. Johnson, Ashley Nicole, born 29 February 1988, died 24 July 2004 in Fayetteville, Tennessee Our Remembrance You went to young at only sixteen.

I wish I could've let you know I was never as strong as you thought. Chatham, Jesse Elias, born , died 04 April 2015 in Portland, Oregon, USAOur Remembrance I love you my star. You are the most loving and caring soul I've known. Your birthday was about a week ago and you never left my mind. Williams, Judy Lynn, born 11 November 1965, died 30 September 2013 in Sterling, Colorado Our Remembrance My mom.I was glad to have him as a friend, and although he is gone he will always be remembered.Martin, Jason, born 25 January 1991, died 22 March 2012 in Aberdeen, Washington USAOur Remembrance Jason you were a generous, compassionate and loving person with a heart of gold.Kinlaw, Heather, born 04 August 1987, died 02 August 2013 in Augusta, Georgia USAOur Remembrance Entered into rest Friday, August 2, 2013, Heather Marie Kinlaw, 30, the mother of Leila Kinlaw, who loved her dearly, and daughter of Lonnie and Marie Heather loved drawing, painting and enjoyed going to the river with her She loved punk rock music, going to shows, and meeting new people.Mechaley, Kyle, born 16 March 1998, died 06 March 2013 in North Carolina Our Remembrance He was an amazing individual.XOXOGarrett, Evan Charles, born 08 December 1968, died 24 August 2011 in Cary, North Carolina Our Remembrance Loving you always, forgetting you never.