Majority (around 90 %) of the stocks are procured locally to meet customer's special local needs/taste/interest.

Good relation with Government also helped Metro to get the leased land for its Moscow operations.

Metro's entry in Russia can be treated as a good example for a give and take policy between Russian authorities and Metro C & C.

Rapid growth during 1996 to 2005 shows the company's capability to establish in the various international markets.

Exhibit -1 When we evaluate the institutional and market infrastructure in the emerging markets, Russia, China & India, we can notice that there are lot of difference in the existing market structure, political situation, consumer spending, GDP per capita, urbanisation, and its openness towards the foreign outlets.

Besides it chalks out a city-by-city investment plan in a cluster approach or in a cluster approach to maintain synergies in buying, logistics and relationships.

Metros mode of centralized sourcing as well as wholly owned subsidiaries in neighbouring markets in Asia and Europe; and the cost advantage that comes from bridging supplier markets with direct sourcing would continue to give Metro an advantageous position in emerging markets.

Metro's experience and expertise in processing, distributing and logistics has proved advantageous in quickly modernising processing/ distribution.

By investing in cold storages , Metro ensures the longevity and freshness of food, reduce wastage, and ensure quality of the products in emerging markets where some of these issues were poorly handled.

Imported food was a luxury and restriction in interprovincial trades made movement of such good difficult in interiors.