AFA has been very professional when I dealt with them.Back in 2002, I arranged two introductions in their St. When both ladies failed to show and stood me up, AFA refunded my money. And when I email them with a problem, they usually get back to me within one day.Skip to content I know Winston you market that web-site and may make some affiliate type money but service wise that dating site is not the best in my opinion.

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Some of the girls were not comfortable because their English is not good.

Fair enough but this made me realize that realistic with out properly communication how can I get close to these girls. I think this is part of the reason why not too many American men look overseas because of the language problem.

However, they may not always do that, under the excuse of, "Well she may have just been that way cause she wasn't attracted to the guy and he was stupid enough to be generous to her even though she had no interest in him.

If she really liked him, she would have treated him better." Etc. Petersburg office when I told them about how rude and inconsiderate beyond words, one of their women were.

Some of them may be involved in unethical practices, such as faking letters.

But AFA has no control over that and can't police it.We both felt that he seemed very sincere, good natured, courteous, considerate, and overall a good person.In fact, he may be too nice, which is why sometimes unethical practices in their affiliate or sub agencies get past him. You gotta understand though, that no big company is 100 percent clean. The bigger the company, the harder it is to police everyone and everything in it.On a TV interview about that, AFA's President said that it's better to just go there and meet the women rather than depend on letter writing.That being said, I've talked to the President of AFA, John Adams, over the phone, and so did Steve Neese, before our show.It's like the translation company is profiting on maybe make believe profiles. Before I joined they didn't really go to much into details about the cost of purchasing points to write to a girl. I actually watch one of their online programs about joining. I ask the girls if I can get another photo and get some generic reply.