She said there’s a geographical challenge as well, since DPAC is so far from where most people live, and often walking to the venue to watch a play you’re unsure about can seem like a large request.

“I believe ‘I and You’ is the perfect combination of quirky teenage comedy blended with the sincerity and fear of what happens when you grow up, and will be something students will be excited to see,” she said.

She’s annoying in the way most 17-year-olds are, and can be a little bit of a brat sometimes.

(Sure.) In a disturbing video posted via the Barcroft TV You Tube channel, Jess explains that she engages in “regressive” behavior, like wearing diapers and baby clothing, because it feels "comforting." She says that she was abused as a two-year-old and this is a way to help cope with the trauma, though she insists that even without the abusive past, she would likely engage in “age play" anyway.

She’s always felt “little.” “Aside from that though, regressing and being ‘little’ just fits with my personality,” said Jess.

PONY is an acronym, which stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth.

PONY Baseball is dedicated to creating a safety first/ fundamentally sound and challenging game for children of all ages.

“I promise, it’ll be worth the walk.” About Selena Ponio Selena Ponio is from Dallas, Texas and is currently a junior at the University of Notre Dame. Selena lives in Breen-Phillips hall and is majoring in International Economics with a concentration in Spanish and is minoring in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy.

In case you missed it, it’s apparently now a thing for grown men and women to live as “adult babies" — diapers, sippy-cups, coloring books and pacifiers included.“It allows me to be playful and cute, which is what I’m like naturally anyway and so I think that I would definitely still be living this lifestyle if I’d had a more ‘normal’ childhood.” When it comes to diapers, the 21-year-old says that she only urinates in them and does not "do the other thing" because that would be "too far." Yes, the grown woman urinating in diapers, drinking from a bottle and calling her boyfriend "daddy" has limits.Jess hopes David will soon be comfortable enough to put a "clean one" on her. When her “daddy” says “yes,” she crawls on top of him on his bed.Munches, coffees, and vanilla outings (movies, etc.).Alamo City Bootblacks, Fet Life Self-identified Leathergirls.She said the story of Caroline and Anthony demonstrate two people who were wary of each other initially but bonded more strongly with each new discovery about the other.