View All: Aimee Teegarden and Jeremy Sumpter - Aimee...Another week, another great episode of Friday Night Lights. First, read through our detailed recap of "In the Bag."1. Three of Vince's friends have been killed on the street? What exactly goes on between them during the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover next month?“The whole idea of this season is about this town being divided in two because of this new team,” says Katims.

Carpenter plays Triana, one of the feisty Mord-Sith warrior women who regularly make Richard Cypher's life miserable—when they're not trying to sex him up, that is.

Look for season two to go heavy on the superhot sci-fi ladies.

“Friday Night Lights’” Aimee Teegarden will also be checking in.

Here’s your first look at Carpenter in “Legend of the Seeker”.

There were three main storylines this week, all of which we'll tackle (pun... Shooting Down a Problem: Of all the times Eric has motivated a player or given him a talk about life outside football, this one left the most to be desired. We understand this storyline was shot from the coach's point of view, but it would have been nice to have seen more of Vince's dangerous world before the issue was quickly resolved with him handing over his piece.2. —Carrie Ausiello: Ever heard of the phrase, "Knocking boots 'til the cows come home"? Seriously, we've heard everything about everyone on Grey's except them.

Sayonara-cen: After all the praise Zach Gilford (deservedly) received for his performances in the wake of Saracen's father's death, it's » - [email protected](M. —Sophie Ausiello: Ever heard of the phrase, "Deep doo-doo"?

Given that season 4 kicks off just one week from tonight (Oct. on Directv; NBC will air these episodes in 2010), Fnl exec producer Jason Katims offers up the following teasers to get you fired up.

Let us issue a Spoiler Alert and proceed: • Dillon will live every week like it’s Rivalry Week now that East Dillon High School has reopened.

She’ll be playing Triana, described as “a feisty Mord-Sith warrior women who regularly make Richard Cypher’s life miserable.” ———*——— “Friday Night Lights’” Aimee Teegarden will be guest starring in a future episode as a Confessor who gets between the show’s two leads, Richard (Craig Horner) and Kahlan (Bridget Regan).

———*——— The most substantial casting is that of Jolene Blalock, late of the canceled “Star Trek: Enterprise » - Nix Charisma Carpenter looks pretty good in skintight leather, doesn't she?

What I meant to say is Aimee Teegarden is taking over as my acting coach.