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I would love to know what it looks like inside (how many floors, does it have a courtyard etc? I would be grateful for any information and also about the deaf and blind school in Salt.

Thanks for any help anyone could offer me and also the beautiful pictures of Salt that have been posted on your site - can't wait to visit one day. E I am a Lebanese, i have visited Jordan many times. Salam to all my brothers and sisters in the salt,seeing these pictures inspire me everytime i see them to inshallah go back and visit the salt and the birth place of my mother in umjouzeh who's people are some of the most honorable people i know salam to all the abu rumman family may you all live long and prosper...salam Salem!

I do liked the whole region indeed, but what impressed me the most is Al Salt. Allah Alekum Thank to your efforts in putting this beautiful gallery together.

Such a nice area with multi cultural religious places and nature impressed me the most. Thanks for bringing back some great grandfather nameis salameh fakhoury from salt he reach the age of 120 years he use to have a herbal shop in the city he have a house in the city near the greek ortodax church andhe use to have a house in mateah with one rooom he build him self eith my grandmother eadh he had a karm [garden} with a lots of fig and grapr and other fruit trees he was a man of god al his life i use to go there just to listen to him talk about jesus and one time my grand mother told me that she was making bread on the sag andshe heard my grandfather singing with another person when she done she went to the room and ask who was singing with you because there is only me and you in the house early in the morning and my grand father said jesus was singing with me he was singing the same song every morning for a long time the song says in arbic eleak obaker ya syede lean iatmady alaek in english i come to early my lord because i trust in you i love salt and the people of salt i love the red soil that grow the figs the grapes and the humuus and the souer tomatos in that rich soil aand dont forget the fakoos god bluss you all hanna murad from ajloun Al Salam Alakhum, Inshallah one day I will be able to join my relatives back in the Al-Salt. The family of Alnsour has great history with this beautiful city and its very pleasing to the eye to see this photos.

They should expect their living expenses to be upwards of $10,000 yearly, depending on their standard of living, number of children, etc.

Since the university does not have a women’s branch, the university’s policy is not to grant student visas to students’ wives.actually am from jerash but never been there , enshallah when hadi comes from the united states he will take me there .. hadi put a comment above =Dthank you really for this pictures, that bring me back to my childhood period.and i want to suggest if we can build a comprehensive web site about Al-Salt Old City, that every one access this web-site in a regular basis, containing Chatting, Profiles ..I am adding some information about Salt in a book I'm working on, but I'm struggling to find out anything about the Abu Jaber museum besides the date it was built.I falled in love with Al Salt, i have left my heart there. I just wanted to say I didnt know how much I missed that city and how honored Iam to have been able to go there and spend only a month there, yet learn so much about the different cultures and religions. I hope to see my grandmother, father, and uncles rejoice in such a beautiful place. Now that I am in America I realize how much I longed to see my city. My daughter Laila Sirio Afif Ghannam has just gotten married Friday, July 20, 2007 to a wonderful man named Eyad Nsoor. I know that she had a beautiful wedding in a beautiful country. i would like to thank you on your masterpiece about Salt your work realy took me back seventeen years ago when i was honered by teaching in one of the oldest school in jordan it is and it will be the castle of Salt for ever I will be more thankfull for you in the future if i see picture from my home town (UMJOUZEH)I was born in New York, but my family is originally from the Salt. well i tried many times to find pictures of my Hometown ALSALT in the internet but i didnt tell now and im very happy you know its my city, Al Salt ya derati:) . What a nice gallery,you deserve a big "thank you" for your efforts.Also I was able to show my wife the actual place of my family's native grounds. I send my salutations to the entire city of Salt, Barak Allah Fikum and special blessings to you Mr. When looking at your pictures Mansour, not only do I see the beauty within your pictures but understand fully the beauty of a wedding that was there for my daughter. As a matter of fact, my parents moved back to the Salt 9 years ago. Salt has many beautiful things to be shown, I hope that one day we can unify the efforts to bring it out to the World. Abdullah Al Hyari Abu Dhabi, UAEwonderful gallery represent lifestyle in As Salt, where i live., we enjoyed the images immensly and it is a priceless document to show to our friends, families and kids.., for people like us who live abroad but our hearts beat there where every Jordanian certainly knows!! Well done...you the best First of all I have to salute you warmely for such an achievemnet and for your great marvellous talent which I sincerely do appreciate and may I tell you dear Sir, Mr.