We’re interested in each other as friends, and then the next day it was like, we were laughing so much — that may have been the first day, who knows.

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While I was gone I was bettering myself every way I could — I started studying musical theory, I started doing P90x.

I did it every day from the time I got off the show and I went back for the finale.

It’s her lightness and her ability to find the fun, but also be so genuine while doing it. I’ll do songs off my EP, and I have a few others that people don’t know about yet — well, they know about but I haven’t performed live yet.

Since the video was released you’ve both been very busy with events. Last night Ali was singing for ASTEP (Artists Striving To End Poverty). The woman who started the program is a Broadway music supervisor, they go work in different counties and in the US to help end poverty. Then we have a few songs that no one knows we’re going to do. We’re going to do “The Way I Am” from Ingrid Michaelson. What’s the creative process like between you and Ali? The creative process of us working together is somewhat new.

In most taxis it will fit without taking it apart, which is nice.

If I’m there, I’ll grab — her current wheelchair is called Lil G because it has gold rims — Lil G out of the taxi or out of the trunk, and she can just transfer herself. I had to scoop her up into the seat or down from the seat.As far as the letters go, she was writing one sided letters and so was I. When I got back we had realized a lot of the same things and learned a lot of the same lessons even though we were having completely different experiences. There’s going to be some surprises, I’m so excited!I didn’t know I would be receiving letters when I got there, or that she was writing to me. I asked Ali this about you, so I have to ask you this about Ali: What is your favorite thing about Ali? She’s going to do “Popular,” which she did at the end of .I have to say, one of the things that motivated me aside from wanting to look my best and feel my strongest, was imagining carrying Ali up the stairs or helping her in certain ways.I wanted to be able to do that with this great ease.That week she was so flirty, not trying to be something other than herself, but just really really playful. Throughout the next few days, we just continued to have a blast together. I was in a relationship at the time, but one thing that I realized when I met Ali and at the end of that five days, it wasn’t that I knew I was ready to leave my current relationship, but after meeting Ali I could see what I was longing for and missing.