And there’s a phenomenal mad doctor played by William Finley. It’s just an incredible performance; he literally cuts the Siamese twins in half so that he can fuck one of them. I would love to see it correctly projected, although I’m sure there’s a Blu-ray out.

It would look great on a fifty-inch flat-screen with curvature in the goddamn man cave.

Perhaps its something from the many slasher-icon franchises that sprung up in the 1980s, when you had a choice of Jasons, Freddys or Chuckys.

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The idea, of course, is to drown our hapless anti-hero in a keg of porcine putrescence.

SCENE: As Seth Brundle gets deeper into his Kafka-esque transmogrification, he discovers the only way he can eat is to vomit copious amounts of acidic bile onto donuts and slurp up the stinking sauce.

Jennifer Kent, Writer/Director (1973) plays on the fear of Siamese twins.

The Brian De Palma film stars Margot Kidder, in French-Canadian lushness.

He would then have to raise the money to buy a boat ticket to get from Hamburg to New York City.

When he landed in New York, he would have to find the right subway train to take him to Brooklyn. Mel Brooks I remember really being scared by, of all movies, Halloween III: Season of the Witch , which has a horrible subplot about a deranged mask manufacturer, Silver Shamrock, who, for some reason, on a Halloween has designed these masks that you can pick up at any drugstore.But there’s an eeriness that lingers long after the movie’s over, and you won't even jump out of your seat. Lauren Larson I wanted the audience to feel like they had a pair of hands wrapped gently around their neck that they couldn’t shake, and that grip kept getting tighter and tighter until they couldn’t breathe.And then an explosion of everything crushing down on them.(Ask the average moviegoer who Jigsaw is and you're likely to get a blank stare; ask them if they know about the series and watch them shudder in recognition.) But what if you're looking for something besides the usual scary-movie suspects?Nothing too extreme, too underground or too obscure..a few choices that might be outside the norm or under the radar, yet would still bring the fear in a big way?SCENE: Nothing, NOTHING, tops the climax in which our leading lady falls into a noxious pit of putrefying bodies, maggots, and liquid filth, struggling to stay afloat, screaming bloody murder, while wrecked human heads and other rotting parts bump up against her. I can imagine sitting in a room and saying, ’Here’s the poster, and the most scary part of it you might not ever see.