The beginning of his career his not all too dissimilar from that of Leonardo Di Caprio, if I may make a bold comparison.

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The story is based on a novel by Ben Sherwood, a former television producer who seems to have read an awful lot of Nicholas Sparks novels. (He meets the spirit every day at sunset, to play catch in the graveyard.) There’s also a rich girl, and some mild town-and-gown class conflict.

Like those popular books, his contains a seaside setting, young lovers, a tragic loss and a heavy dose of everything-always-works-out-for-the-best philosophizing. But none of it really develops into anything, no matter how much Efron turns on the waterworks or pares down his wardrobe.

Zac keeps the old picture we took of him and is looking at it when we leave.

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Kidzworld: Have you had a family loss like Charlie? Kidzworld: You as Charlie and your little bro Sam are body surfing on trashcan lids in the rain. Kidzworld: We've heard that you want to do a big action role so might you use that training soon in a movie? That would be cool but I don't know if I'd really be doing it.

Zac: Yeah, absolutely but I don't want to talk about it specifically but I think everyone experiences that so I can relate. I don't see dead people but everyone has had that moment when the hair on the back of your neck raises up and you wonder what's really going on. In driving movies, I feel like you don't do most of the driving.Sitting down with Zac to get the latest, we went all retro and handed him a digital pic we took of him in 2005 before HSM ever came out. Kidzworld: I took this of you in 2005 at a 'meet and greet' for young stars of tomorrow. I decided to come over and talk to this cute young guy and you told me all about [kwlink 15593]High School Musical[/kwlink]. She came in prepared and excited and she was a little bit nervous and cute and just seemed like she'd be a great person to work with; somebody who could be real in the circumstances of the story. Kidzworld: You two have some pretty intense romantic scenes. We'd do a lot of rehearsal but we'd go to Whistler (Canadian ski resort) for the weekend and just hang out and do fun stuff. Kidzworld: For a lot of the film, your character Charlie is just dead inside, just going through the motions. Not that it was method acting but I did as much as I could to stay in character. Did your connection to your own younger brother help your portrayal? My brother is 18 now so we're about four-and-a-half years apart. That would take weeks and then we wouldn't want to leave the island for the big sail back.Kidzworld: Have you ever had a paranormal experience; saw something that you were not positive was really there? Kidzworld: Speaking of driving, when you go cruisin' around town and are recognized, what is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?Zac: You know those Star Tours vans that drive all over town with the tops cut off so tourists are just right there in the open? Well we go to the movies a lot and I just love buttered popcorn.Generally, in a weepie, it’s not a good sign if the people on screen are crying more than the audience is. He bathes his pretty face in a sheen of lachrymose moisturizer.