The ceremony was televised in the Mexico by Canal de las estrellas in the United States by Univision.

Adrián Uribe, Galilea Montijo and Alan Tacher hosted the show.

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Amores verdaderos won seven awards including Best Telenovela of the Year, the most for the evening.

Other winners Mentir para vivir won three awards, De que te quiero, te quiero won two awards and La Tempestad, La mujer del Vendaval and Libre para amarte won one each.

The older two actors and plot lines are done well and the chemistry is wonderful-but it is the younger couple that takes my breath away. Sebastian Rulli and Eiza Gonzalez were the perfect casting.

You can't get a better "princess" of a girl or her strong, yet tender bodyguard.

So they do, because both can't help themselves-you can't stop it.

Its the most delicious thing-they are stuck together, gladly, and "can't be with one another". Plot lines are juicy and when you truly delve into it you will see that they are truly faithful to one another.

Sample the ones on Univision and its rerun channel Uni Mas, find something that seems interesting to you and give it a try. I was lucky-When they aired this on Univision 2012-2013 they only chopped out literally about 10 seconds out of the whole show while it aired on TV here in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, United States.

Again, when buying any telenovela on DVD, a lot of parts are always chopped out, be prepared.

They should have made then the main focus and not chopped it up to fit all the others in, I think a lot of people only watched it for Nicki and Guzman, it was very disapoinitng and I would not recommend it. The DVD set actually was able to get the most important scenes from the novela itself.

It took out the annoying dragged out parts, which is great-but it also took out the filler funnier parts.

Everything about this couple was done to perfection. You will eventually get a huge understanding of the language and also slang that is used. The telenovelas that I love (not all of them) have more depth in their story-telling, music, and chemistry than most US shows you will ever see.