They then discussed the Supreme Court decision in People vs. “Private complainants took offense, more so hurt, when with the reading of the said case of Abella, accused depicted the House of Worship of the Iglesia ni Cristo as ‘katayan,’ the basement as killing fields, execution and torture, apparently in retaliation for the private complainant’s false expose.” In sum, the court said the act of reading a Supreme Court decision is not libelous, and even with the comments and remarks of the accused, comments are considered privileged. The court also took cognizance of the fact that the institution the complainants represented is a public figure wherein the public has legitimate interest in its doings. Pulitzer Publishing Company, and also shared in Borjal vs.

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Eli and Ang Tamang Daan of the Iglesia ni Cristo have a history of exchanging verbal tussles.

And the latest was of the INC complainants making a false expose of allowing selling merchandise inside the four churches of Soriano.

A clergyman with his flock, an admiral with his fleet, a general with his army, a judge with his jury.

We are, all of us, the subject of public discussion…..

This was signed four years earlier on February 11, 2010.

The private complainant was Bernardo Santiago, one of the complainants in this recently dismissed libel case.

Ang kautusan ba ni Moises ay ikasasakdal at nananatiling umiiral pa sa panahong ito? Dahil ba sa hindi siya sumunod sa lahat ng kautusan ni Moises?

O dahil ba hindi sapat ang aral ni Moises upang maging sakdal ang tao?

Documentary exhibits submitted by the defense consisted mostly of video tapes and DVDs to prove consistent patterns of mangling of tapes by the Iglesia ni Cristo on statements made by Soriano.