It’s an ambitious record, and if it doesn’t always succeed, it’s not for lack of effort.She’s striving to get at moods and sensations, not tell stories set to music, and the result is as much a kind of sonic tone poem as it is a collection of tunes.That show has a great line-up: Chairlift and Takka Takka included.

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A former bassist and singer with the band Dirty Projectors, Deradoorian’s lovely, clear voice has been heard in music from Flying Lotus, Slasher Flicks, and others.

With her debut LP, the singer and multi-instrumentalist has crafted an album that feels like a throwback to the arty jam-band era of yesteryear, while still employing some modern flourishes.

The main point of reference in a number of these tracks is the experimental krautrock group Can, with that band’s minimalist beats and fusion of pulsing electronica and instrumental drone popping up throughout The Expanding Flower Planet.

But there are strong elements of East Indian and traditional Japanese music as well, harnessed to a psychedelic vibe that animates the entire project.

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I was at her CD release at Cake Shop in the spring and Angel is really spooky and enchanting. She’s kind of like a lullaby: soothing and pretty and done just right.

She’s what makes this Discovery track little more than bubblegum. Every chord she plays, or note she sings, is perfectly placed.

The California girl lives in Brooklyn and plays in the Dirty Projectors- a band that is pretty much the best band around right now.