“We’ve already got three orders for Friday," Aboushousha said.

Balagio is a Homewood favorite serving Italian American cuisine at it's finest.

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“I was getting panic attacks when it gets really busy in the shop,” Aboushousha said. Aboushousha recently spoke on behalf of downtown Flossmoor business parking policy reform at a village meeting.

According to her, Sweet Annie’s loses an hour of productivity every day, due to employees needing to move their cars around. Still, Aboushousha is torn between overwhelming excitement and profuse remorse.

Sweet Annie’s pastry chef, Matt Pope, is also a chocolatier.

He plans to create his new brand of hyper-gourmet chocolate, called "Elixer," within the shop.

Owner Anne Aboushousha said the coveted treat did not last long. ” Aboushousha said Sweet Annie's typically doesn’t offer items like donuts or paczkis because the bakery does not have the necessary ventilation for such an undertaking.

“We had 200 made, and by noon, we ran out,” Aboushousha said. However, not wanting to disappoint hungry patrons craving the Polish treat, imported paczki shells from and added their own fillings, including whipped cream, strawberry and chocolate butter cream.

Aboushousha says she anticipates the move to happen sometime near the end of February or early March.

"We're very excited (for Sweet Annie's to move in)," Homewood Community Development Director Paula Wallrich said.

Saint Joseph's is pleased to have the Galderio Family participating in our Centennial Fest Celebration. Featured items will include grilled Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with all the trimmings and sides. The Aurelio Family are longtime parishioners of Saint Joseph's and we are pleased they have chosen to participate in our Anniversary celebration.

Visitors will enjoy two of Balagio's signature sandwiches: Eggplant Parmigiana and Sausage and Peppers. Some call it comfort food, but the staff of the 5th call it Mayberry U.

The applying families come into the program through the Los Alamos Public Schools, which means one or more children in the family attend a local school.