The Red Team pushes their way to victory, leaving the Gold Team to nominate two of their teammates for elimination.In an effort to break up Camilla's alliance, the Gold Team nominates Amy and Danni for elimination. With 6 votes, Danni is the first Bad Girl eliminated from the competition.Captain's Challenge First aired: January 14, 2014 From previous elimination, the Gold teams feels relieved.

Camilla and Rocky win Captain's challenge and select members to be a part of the Red and Gold teams.

With the Gold and Red teams formed, the Team Challenge is up next.

Elease decides to plea with the Gold Team and during elimination Paula gets emotional as she is eliminated.

Captain's Challenge Give Me The Money Honey First aired: January 21, 2014 Camilla and Amy worry about being outnumbered by the Gold Team.

First aired: January 7, 2014 Sixteen bad girls arrive to compete for the $100,000 cash prize.

Returning cast members Rocky, Mehgan, Paula, and Danni all feel targeted because of their veteran rank.Camilla and Elease form a secret alliance that no one suspects.Due to health concerns Shelly decides not to compete in the Captains Challenge, but participate in the Team Challenge to support her team.This season featured the return of 4 contestants from All Star Battle 1, Danielle Victor, Mehgan James, Paula Hellens and Raquel Santiago. One for winning the first Captain's challenge in both seasons, and for winning 4 individual challenges.The current record for most wins is by Florina Kaja at 5 wins.The Gold Team (with more teammates) pick Alicia to sit out.