I passed my pilots test with high percentage While you and your Al-Qaeda friends tried to disguise yourselves as flight attendants Honestly, I'm fed up with this crap Cause his terrorist attacks are the same method how he raps We were building C4 together, you know, setting up some traps He was the one supposed to work on wires instead he left them attached I guess that goes to show even when you're making bombs your set ups are wack I'm yelling at him like, "Dawg you're tripping Hurry up the clock on the bomb is ticking and we have a hostage missing We need to get back to the enemies block to get him." This dude hopped out of the chopper and aborted during the middle of the helicopter mission So he could run off to Popeye's and get a box of chicken How the hell is Islam your religion when you spend Ramadan in the kitchen?

Your bars or your lethargic rhythm are more equivalent to Osama Bin Ladin's heart condition But don't give up on HFK yet y'all, he's still got a vision The only problem with it, is it involves covering up all your women Man, this muhfucka thought Armageddon was a part of Heaven Not to mention his mother and father were all armed with weapons when you guys were all probably seven Yo, I hope your wife gets stripped of her veil in public and everyone sees her boobies nude I hope your daughter marries a Jewish dude I never ever wanna hear [?

So in essence it refers to someone disrespecting mother nature. Cannot verify any of this but the word does seem to be primarily African-American. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

He's like, "Thirty five." Yo, I bet your turban's come with spermicide And on your turban side it says, "Persian Pride" Man it looks like you're gonna burglarize the Ham Burgler guy I know you, you're related to that one metal singer, that nerdy guy Who sings, "When angles deserve to die." Get the fuck outta here Man, this muhfucker right here man Let me tell you something I'ma tell him Muhfucka, ayo this the type of fat smelly Persian who likes to gel his hair And stash fetta cheese in Tupperware And leave it in the fridge for like six months like it was never there Ask him what his favorite state in the U. is like I would ever care But if I had to guess I would say Arizona, cause there's a desert there This dude's like the Middle Eastern Bone Crusher cause when it comes to electric chair He ain't Never Scared Aye, this is for all my people who are hella self aware Don't ever dare him to get on Delta Air Cause he loves dying He's like, "Man, are we gonna hop on a plane or use a ride? " [Round 2: HFK] You American faggot You are not the best in your league And from the top you're farthest And man, I'm so fucking fat I mistook his eyebrows for one of the Mc Donald arches He's gay as hell Probably talks to 15 year old boys on AOL like [? cause all these chumps embarrass ya So at night he goes home and locks the door to his room and yells "Fuck America!

" You should've seen him the other day getting all amped and juiced inside Cause I told him he was gonna get euthanized Every time you see a Jewish guy you think of suicide He thinks about that so much that the average person would lose their mind But I bet the day it's time for you to die You wake up and wear your favorite suit and tie And then wave to everybody at the airport like, "I love you dudes. ] The only thing we have in common is that our women wear their veils Other than that you're just a faggot with hair that's gelled who gets paid to yell Your trip to Toronto, I will make it hell Cause even my chinstrap's saying you'll take the L Versus Arsonal you thought you were great but failed Thinking everything you say is just sick Telling me I'm a whale with some tits who likes cakes with his chips And steak with his grits is not a line that's amazingly sick Just cause you shake and you twitch and you say it like this Yo, just imagine this bi-polar fuck trying to talk to a girl What he'd say is this "Hi, my name is Diz. And I think you're an amazing chick And we should go on a date and exchange a kiss And then I will fuck break your ribs and rape your kids [? Here's some wine take a sip." You can rip your lungs out and yell as loud as you want I'm not fucking scared of ya I saw him and his boyfriend on the beach and all I say is "You're pretty fucking hairy brah." Secretly you hate the U. " Yo, Lebanon and Israel have been in a never ending war For years they've been in a feud But why they're beefing gets me confused I mean Lebanese guys get circumcised when they exit the womb They never throw any pigs in their stews or include any ribs in their food And the nose on 95% of the dudes are incredibly huge So what in the FUCK makes Arabs different from Jews?

How come you said, "a father fucker might be an epithet you look upon with equanimity.

It suggests that your father is powerful, or rich enough to be able to enjoy such a position." Would not that, father fucker, be the same with saying, "you're gay," and even worse since it can also means, "you're an incest gay," if the father were to refer to the target's father.

I said I drop atomic bombs that are off the Richter I'm a new Islamic demonic Hitler I rode to your house, fuck your mom and sister Then I show your father Mohammad's picture So why is this guy trying to step inside of my rhyming session?

Buddy, where were you when we were taking flying lessons prior for 9/11?Now Charron came to me like, "HFK, you and Dizaster are both Arabs. I think people from the same land should be friends." I just grabbed him from the shirt like, "I'm Persian And don't you dare mistake me for a dirty Arab again." [Round 3: Dizaster] Speaking of Mc Donalds...HFK took a trip to Micky D's and ordered a Tricky P with Chedda Cheese Aye, don't make fun of him cause the kid's obese He paid like 50 G's to get those triple D's Sand nigga please The fuck you looking at? Boom bah Motherfucker you're not hard If I get robbed today I am putting someone in an arm bar And if the SWAT parked outside I'm letting the Glock spark Going outside strapping a bomb to a cop car and fleeing the King Of The Dot like, "Allahu Akbar!And he said, "Yeah, can we at least stop so I can get a snack first?" I'm like, "Shut the fuck up you oil neck." The only time you perform the best Is when you're being televised sending the government open threats And he records them all in an old cassette and keeps them in a holy storage set in alphabetical order text I bet you own a rolodex that shows all the known locations in the world there will be explosions next Like every Middle Eastern he has a couple of Beamers, a gold Rolex, he knows how to forge a check And he technically owns a jet..just hasn't stole it yet Aye aye listen, "this guy's sure mental" fucking idiot Ayo, when I look at you all I can think about is magic carpets and nasty armpits This motherfucker bought a Persian flying rug on the after market But it sucks cause he has to crash to park it Fuck you and your 30 wives This dirty Persian deserves to be alive in a furnace full of burgers and curly fries Wait a minute, I'm accessing my third eye I can see you an 30,000 shirtless guys headed towards a church to die But first you gotta get up and rub lotion on Xerxes thighs Your head looks like a big ass dick that hasn't been circumcised I'm just wondering, what's your turban size?It is recommended to mildly censor the title, but not the body.