If it does not have access, it will not include this response header.By default, the REST API will allow access to all domains.For additional troubleshooting, contact will prompt you for the credentials every time you access the service.

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When you deploy web services as layers for maps or you can add them as items to be shared with members of your organization or the public.

If you need to access your services over HTTPS, you should add your layers with authentication, including web-tier authentication such as Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) and a public key infrastructure (PKI), for adding and accessing secure services.

From 10.1 SP1 onwards, Arc GIS Server token service supports Cross Origin Access and will always allow access to all domains.

Example: allowed Origins= Services Directory gives you the ability to view Map and Image services using the Arc GIS Java Script API.

The site providing the service for which you are attempting to store credentials must support HTTPS and have a valid certificate signed from a well-known certificate authority.

To help diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation, you can use an SSL checker such as SSLShopper.

If the client includes a Origin header in the request, the REST instance will determine if this origin has cross-domain access or not.

If it has access, then it will include an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in the response and the value will simply echo the value of the Origin header.

The Clear Cache Options page typically appears as below: Clicking "Clear Cache Now" clears the entire REST API cache.