the abuser is in the norfolk ny area, please ladies be aware of this man.

The number of users online dating sites like, OKCupid, JDate and e Harmony now attract suggests that any stigma people once felt around looking for love online has lifted.

Ever pick a kitty or doggy at a shelter while standing behind a thick glass window?

are online dating sites pathetic-37

this site would get a zero from me if there was an option, on here is an abuser who I had reported to customer service to let them know who he was and to protect the women on this site from him and begged them to delete and ban this poor excuse of a man from their site, needless to say they never responded back and he is still on the site probably pouncing on his nxt preys as we speak.

this man is a narcissist and he will lie to the women to get them in his grasp. this site is pathetic if they don't care who they allow on it and then not respond to a concerned member so I deleted my account.

The reported that the majority of the (thousands) of women using these type of friendship-seeking sites are going through a period of transition in their lives -- such as a move or a divorce -- that might make creating new friendships more difficult.

“[With these sites] you can skip the insecurity of, ‘Oh, they’re so busy, they don’t need friends,’” Shasta Nelson, founder of Girl Friend Circles told the .

Call it what it is, but that is date-mongering I have been on these sites for so long because I am strictly looking for booty and let people know from the get go and seek those that are mutually interested.

The difference is that I admit who and what I am unlike most people that use online dating..... We simply want to down play it but think about it, how natural is it to seek people online? Ever choose an asian woman out of a group of 30 behind a glass window in bangkok thailand?

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“It can feel awkward to invite someone you hardly know for coffee and I was sure that the women I approached would think I seemed desperate or pathetic,” she told Huff Post blogger Dr. Some very special friendships last forever, but plenty of them run their course.