It’s week four of the finals and seeing what host Cat Deeley is wearing is almost as exciting as the dancing. They do a death-defying lift where Jessica goes over the top of Will and through his legs — whoa!

Every couple is dancing twice, each time in a different style. First up are Jessica and Will, doing a jive, a fast dance with a lot of leg shaking and goofy facial expressions.

I could’ve done without Toni Basil’s pontifications about dance but I think she was only on once.

While Murphy’s million decibel screams were sometimes annoying, I got used to her, like living on a busy street and not hearing the honking. Ballet Company (who did a gorgeous pas de deux) and the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe.

And speaking of ballroom dance, it was great that Chelsie lasted as long as she did.

Ballroom dancers usually don’t have the versatility of the other dancers although my man Benji (season two winner) did a pretty damn good job. Yeah, I know it was oh-so-Cirque-du-Soleil but please, people, demonic bunnies?

With that cute swagger and those clothes she’s looking butch in a yummy Shane kinda way, ya know?

The judges love Courtney but don’t love Gev, with Murphy saying he didn’t hit it hard enough.

There were the expected eliminations, like Rayven, early in the finals but what about the Comfort debacle?

I was ready to love her street smart self but it was clear she wasn’t on a par with the others.

It’s taken me this long to recoup from last week’s finale. (Actually, I missed last week because I was at a women’s music festival, romping in the woods with a few thousand half naked women. From sexy Cat Deeley to great guests (Jordin Sparks) to lousy guests (take the Pussycat Dolls, please) and last but certainly not least, some out-of-this-world dancing.

Someone fan me and pass the ice cream while I go over a few highlights.

After the break, the couples return for their second dance.