Specially with the raid being released next week when it's important to have a working armory for sites like Open Raid to have your updated character profile for stuff...

armory not updating patch 4 0-26armory not updating patch 4 0-49

Players check this site and other sites that use Armory data to help them make their choice. This is not the first time my group's information has been messed up.

We would like to change our guild's name, but we are afraid people wouldn't be able to look us up properly. Really not cool for this to be happening now when Blizzard made these changes that ensured nearly all raid teams would have to make changes for the expac if they wanted to raid top content.

So, I switched my transmog two days ago, and the armory still shows me with this one.

Anyone know why the armory doesn't update properly?

None of these changes have been updated on the wow armory website. Yah since i started playing about a month ago this has been happening.

I beleive it started right at the first week of the month because the guild i made shows only 20 members and we currently have around 130.....

Hi folks, Whilst it's true that the armory can take several days to catch up, there have been a few issues in the past that needed a poke from our developers to resolve.

Before I pass this on, it'd be helpful if a few of you could try something for me: please travel to Outland or Northrend and log out there, then post a reply letting us know if it helped. :)Logged out in kalimdor, Outland Northrend a few mins ago, still no change sadly guys.

I can't see my guild's events -- that's an issue All my characters have missing avatars -- that's an issue My achievements are not showing -- that's an issue My characters are being reported as being inactive when I am a new customer -- that's an issue Trust me classing this as not a bug won't keep my subscription.

I haven't decided whether £10/month is worth it yet considering I can buy three new AAA title games at full price every year with that money. If you guys look at the app store for the app, it says it was last updated at 9th of august, which tells me that the app hasn't been updated for legion yet.

Even though I'm 110, if I click my character it says I'm level 100 and still using gear from about 3-4 weeks ago.