"Zac used to tell my mom I was the first one he loved and I would be the last," Ashley remembered. So, when I didn't get the effort I wanted, I ended it."Ashley explained that in most relationships she's been in, like most girls, becomes totally consumed in them and she considers it a flaw of hers.

"I become so focused on the other person, it's not healthy.

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She's also focusing on herself, and planning for the future.

"A lot of people on these shows are so focused living for the moment, but you really need to think of the things you're doing and how they're affecting their future."Stay tuned to see how Ashley and the rest of Team San Diego do on the Battle of the Seasons, every Wednesday (yes, tonight! Tell us: do you think you could live under the same roof as your ex?

"I wanted to be there for my team, and take it like a woman. I haven't seen the show so I have no idea what direction they're going to take it, but I wasn't at all jealous. As long as it wasn't affecting the team, I was fine with it! This house is full of 32 people, so if you don't tell your story, someone else will.

We can't win without each other."Last week, on the premiere, Zac is shown moving on as well, when—the second night in, he is seen kissing Team Cancun's Jonna."People would always come up to me and ask if I was mad! So if I don't talk about it, someone else will bring it up.

"In the San Diego house, Zac was trying to be the guy I would date. As for my personality, I was being me on the show, but he wasn't.

He's totally different."So, did she really break his heart? I put in a lot of effort and when I didn't get it back, I backed off.

except, there was no love."Ashley ripped my heart out, put it in a blender and served it to me for breakfast," Zac said on the premiere of house, things were different," Ashley explained in an exclusive interview.

"I felt like what we had in the house and even outside, right when we left was real and we were serious.

Says Frank, “I hope s in this house is having sex.”And then it’s time for Zach and Ashley’s big birthday bash – The Zash Bash. The Zash Bash ends with Zach and Ashley giving each other sterile, tongue-free kisses.

The roommates intervene by giving Zach and Ashley a “sex box” complete with fetish gear and a bottle of Astroglide, which, as Zach noticed, has already been opened.“Do I want to knock boots?

The girls go to a shoe store to support Ashley in her efforts to bribe Zach into dropping his pants. “Don’t lower yourself to the lower common denominator in the land of fruits and nuts,” he tells Zach. That line was crossed when Zach signed the contract to appear on .“Some guys have self control and are heroes, like me,” says Zach.