These are the times for the light tan toned slanted brothers of the Orient to rise up.

But after a hard day of clubbin' and no phone numbers, the confidence level goes down. I go home, pass the leftover rice in the rice cooker, take out my contacts (put on my half-inch-thick glasses), and curl up to a nice book on analytical geometry and differential equations.

This is, after all, a family newspaper.) Read on for a taste of what you said. Bottom line: How you feel about yourself is a function of how you act. Our upbringing has given us the confidence to be not just a successful Filipino, but more important, a successful person.

For the vast, vast majority (of Caucasian women), being an Asian man is considered a significant negative factor, analogous to a white guy still living with his parents . But to go back to your original question, I do feel sexy, because by objective criteria, I am . I recently fell in love with a hot Korean, and we are engaged!

I'm a lot smarter, more attractive and more successful than the average Joe, but a large majority of white women would never consider dating me... No, Asian men are not particularly sexy, but then I'm more of the type who likes "tall, dark (haired) and handsome" men from fairy tales. Mc Connell, Seattle I'm a 20-year-old very white female (5 foot 11). I can't remember when this interest began, although my mom says she may have eaten Chinese food the night I was conceived in Oakland, Calif.

Quality Asian singles near Seattle, WA are becoming increasingly hard to find.

It can be difficult finding Asian men or women in Seattle that share similar interests and values.

To judge from our mail, the sexiness of Asian males is one hot topic.

A few weeks back, we ran a tongue-in-cheek article from Asian-American writer David Nakamura and interviewed a group of local bachelors, about the recent media portrayal of Asian men as the ethnic flavor of the month. And we asked women: Have you suddenly discovered Asian guys are hot? not because we ignore our heritage or are ashamed of who we are but because those places are more narrow-minded and more cliquish than any "mixed" club that we frequent. After going to both Cornell University and the University of Washington, I am now a tool-design engineer with a black belt in tae kwon do. As a whole, I think the Asian male stereotype has begun to crumble . The other stereotypes are always there, too, like being geeks, playing video games habitually and driving lowered Hondas . With his tight jeans, leather jacket and glorious waist-length black hair pulled into a ponytail, he was, by far, the hottest and sexiest man in the room! I think I did well; the drool was not that obvious! On one level, I feel that it is OK to say I just like the physical characteristics of Asian men. I have dated several men of color, all colors, and have found their semi-"outsider" status to provide some welcome relief from white male dominance . I have seen the diversity, but have yet to experience a lot of it. My favorite was always what was it like to have sex with one - something I never knew how to answer, since he was my only experience. In high school I was an honor student, yet I hung out with the rough and fighting crowd. By the way, I am married to a beautiful, Caucasian blonde . A lot of the Asians around the UW associate only with other Asians. James Shigeta in "Flower Drum Song" and "Bridge to the Sun" was an early focus of my affection. I'm a second-generation native Seattleite of English-Dutch-German-Scottish heritage, with a fairly standard '50s local upbringing . Last year I went to the my 30th class reunion, and there he was. All of my co-workers expected I would not be able to contain my excitement. Do we just like a certain "look," or are we attaching cultural stereotypes to the image? Meeting cute men was one reason I moved here from Tennessee for grad school. And, yes, years ago I did get asked really stupid questions by Caucasians. - Laura Sequeira, Covington I never realized Asian men would find white women attractive until I discovered that it's true from friends and co-workers at a local Major Software Corporation . At their urging, I began to be a little more outgoing and dated several "arranged blind dates" . - Tom Roe and Mike Woo, Kent, 16 I'm educated and articulate, buffed from working out and not unattractive. You don't get to see Asian-American men on TV falling in love on soap operas, sharing camraderie-type jokes on sitcoms like "Friends" or raising families and dealing with teenage kids sneaking in after curfew, like on "Family Matters." . that the limit as c approaches 0 of f(g(x)) is f(L).