This anxiousness and impatience is like an emotional yeast infection.

All this feeds the sinful nature as described in Galatians -21.

There was a previous article i wrote titled: "Emotionally Abducted" and this is the sequel.

To be free from a negative or toxic relationship is one thing, to be emotionally free is something else.

John NIV states: "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.". Burying these past pains only created present stress and emotional turmoil in my present relationships.

At some point I realized that there was one thing common in all of my relationships - me.

We have many reason to be angry and have suffered many hurts. I forgave my dad before he died and we had a good relationship. Just as every coin has two sides, the other side of forgiveness is apologizing; i cannot apologize enough to those I have hurt along the way.

The only way for me to receive love, its many attributes and to be free indeed is to embrace all of love. While it isn't always easy to identify what emotion is being experienced, it is known when pain is present.

I cannot break love into pieces; therefore, to be unforgiving is to be unloving.

This wasn't something I wanted to hear, it was needed.

I buried these negative emotions, only leaving them to blossom in the late spring and early summer of every relationship that followed pollinating them with the toxins of unresolved pain from past relationships.