The deliverer did not follow the instructions on my book package delivery.It was left out in the shop wants me to prove purchase and fill in big form. Poor customer service Well awhile back I had a parcel coming by express post and iit toke a whole 1.5 months.

At the same time I was also concerned that my mail was being delivered elsewhere, especially since my mail sometimes arrives late, and highlighted to my address. This is a privacy issue which is causing me concern.

Whilst I haven't received other people's mail in recent weeks, I've been receiving reminder notices regarding policy renewals when I haven't even received an original one. Then just last week, 23 Feb, I received an Xmas card postmarked 15 December posted from a nearby suburb in Sutherland going on?

Even though I live in a regional area, reasonably remote, and outside of an Express delivery area, the parcels arrived very quickly. Hi Michael, That is the standard estimated delivery time frame for regulars parcels going between those two states.

If you need items quicker than that, you may wish to have them sent by Express Post: WJw WC Roxy Twice in the past couple of years I've complained to Australia Post about receiving mail that is addressed to other streets in my area that has had to be redirected time and time again.

Postoffice should provide information such as delay will occur if they use redirection service. Ordered an item from a shop located in the south of Brisbane. So it goes Brisbane Why do I prefer Australia Post?

I am in Murwillumbah, 30km south of the NSW border. Because I know the package is going to be delivered to the Post Office, can collect it when it arrives without any issue, receive email notifications regarding the whereabouts of the parcel, can track my orders easily, and if there is an issue, I can easily contact Australia Post and sort out whatever the problem may be.

Hi Janet, This is disappointing to hear and I can understand why you'd be frustrated.

Have you got any of your previous case numbers (from when you've contacted us about this) handy so I can take a look at them? read more ยป Thanks for getting back to me, As it was so long ago I'd like to get a new case under way so we can investigate the matter.

I'm guessing the posties don't like this because they always card my items then make me pick it up from not the nearest to my place post office but the post office that's further away because it's a depot that's on the way back for this lazy postman.