Upon meeting Tierra, Sean asks her to wait outside the mansion; he then goes inside and returns to present her with the first impression rose.Lindsay exits the limousine wearing an elegant wedding dress and mentions her interest in being a bride.Boguskie had met and befriended Lowe outside of the show and host Chris Harrison invited her back for a shot via a meet-and-greet with the bachelor—after the 25 ladies arrived at the mansion.

Des does not know how to respond..Sean returns to the room to save her, telling her that the art staff are actually professional actors and the artpiece is worth $5.00.

Then Sean accompanies Des in his TV home for dinner; she receives a rose for being a good sport.

In a vampire outfit, Amanda expresses her feelings with Sean. Taken through the art show and having met the artist, Sean escorts Des into an art room where she can see a sculpture that is to be the pinnacle of the exhibit; soon he is "asked" to return to the exhibit hall, and leaves Des with the art, saying he will return.

Kristy, who has experience in modeling, wins a three-book deal for Harlequin covers from the photo shoot. talks to Katie about opening up and her possible decision to leave the competition; Katie has anxiety and a meltdown, then decides to leave the show. Going to a back room with Chris (host), Sean is able to watch Des in the art room.

Memorable moments from the ladies arriving in the mansion include: when Jackie gives Sean a kiss on his cheek, leaving a lipstick mark later wiped off on Selma's napkin; Ashley P.

shows an obsession for Fifty Shades of Grey as she pulls a blue-grey tie from her cleavage and waves it at Sean; and Robyn attempts a back flip, but stumbles.Fourth place finalist Desiree Hartsock later was chosen as the star of season nine The Bachelorette.Ash Lee Frazier, Daniella Mc Bride, Jackie Parr and Sarah Herron were returned for the inaugural season of Bachelor in Paradise.Sean's fellow Bachelorette contestant Arie Luyendyk, Jr.visits him at his Bachelor home in Los Angeles and provides some insight and advice.Chris Harrison provides a surprise "twist" for Sean as he reveals a mystery woman: Kacie B. Although Tierra already has the first impression rose, Sean changes the former method by presenting eleven other women with first impression roses throughout the night, making them safe in the first rose ceremony.