The 5 GHz band is MUCH less crowded and is not nearly as affected.

Plus the 2.4 GHz band can be affected by cordless phone, microwave ovens (at least mine was).

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Hi, Maybe I'm spoiled with hard-wired connection, but I'm gettin' sick of my Wi Fi. Several months ago, I switched channels and that helped a -lot- for a while, but the last couple of months it's gotten crummy again. If none of the above, I would think you have two options: a) get a new AP b) use homeplugs There are no other 'devices' in the area... the Linksys is on one side of a brick wall (fireplace) near the ceiling and my laptop is on the other side in the living room, prox. I just tried switching to Channel 9 and it seemed to help a bit---though the In SSider graph is just as choppy. A new router will support 811.n, with much higher throughput. If I place the router in the living room (where I don't want it), the signal strength jumps at least 15db and all the signal bouncing evens out a lot. So I think I'll do a bit more sleuthing for a few days and then...

I ran in SSIDer and I dunno what the attached graph means but it sure -feels- like my experience... (Although tomorrow could be back to the same crap.) I wonder if a 5ghz router is the way to go... By 'homeplug' do you mean one of those AC adapters or something else? ---JC Do you use the wireless networking with a laptop? This requires support in your pc's for 811n, which may be natively available, or may require new (USB) adapters. In what concerns me, I am still with my Belkin N 2.4 GHz, that beats anything else I have tried, both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, in both speed and range. I dunno how much that helps real-world performance, but it -looks- better. if it gets crappy again and there's no pattern, I'll start thinking about a new WAP. ---JC That's the biggest reason why the 5 GHz band is so nice.

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I'm probably 30 to 40 feet from the router, but no stone/brick construction, just wood frame conventional.

Leonarado Di Caprio is dating Nina Agdal; it couldn't be more clear with these snaps of the pair canoodling on the beach in Malibu. Performance between local computers is -usually- OK, but if I try to copy/move a large file between computers it takes a loooong time. We use our laptops on the first floor at the other end of the house in the front. I can barely get -50db from 18ft away through the fireplace wall.My experience with 5Ghz routers has not been that good. No one in my neighborhood is using it, and I have many neighbors with home networks. I suspect a couple of neighbors turn things off at night. My router is on the second floor on one end of the house in the back. what's interesting to me about your graph is that your signal is -50db even with a large distance. This morning some of the networks that normally show up on my 2.4 GHz band are not there.UK reformed with John Wetton, Eddie Jobson and Terry Bozzio for a world tour in 2012.