Guerrero, Anderson and Afifi (2011) attach high importance to past relationship experiences and comparisons partners make by observing other relationships.

Sacher and Fine (1996) mentions that amount of time spent in a relationship affects satisfaction, which is closely related with the quality of communication.

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If partners can talk about the problem and solve the conflict, the feeling of satisfaction increases (Gottman, 1994).

Likewise, self-disclosure is another indicator of satisfaction because there is the opportunity to express deeper feelings, and so being understood (Guerrero, Anderson & Afifi, 2011).

As power diversifies in bases, different samples of close relationship might give different results such as parent-child relationship, romantic relationships, marital relationships, etc.

Consequently, it is worth conducting studies on the role of power in relationship satisfaction.

The accessible population will be romantic relationship partners at universities in Ankara.

For the sampling method, the convenience sampling will be used because it is impossible to have a formal procedure to find students in romantic relationship. Three different instruments will be used in this study; The Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) is developed by Hendrick (1988) and consists of seven items to measure an individual's satisfaction with his/her romantic relationship. The relationship between marital processes and marital outcomes. Relationship is a natural part of human life and individuals experience close relationships in this process. Accuracy and bias in the perception of the partner in a close relationship. Research indicates that for healthy relationships, it is necessary to have satisfaction and needs being met within the close relationship, especially in romantic relationship (Guerrero, Anderson & Afifi, 2011). Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 439–448. The satisfaction is a crucial term for healthy relationships because the association between dissatisfaction about the relationship and depression has been evident in Rosand et al. On the other side, low relationship satisfaction is associated with high need for power (Winter, 1973). H., Berscheid, E., Christensen, A., Harvey, H., Huston, T. This might lead to another possible indicator of relationship satisfaction. If people are in need of power, might they feel unsatisfied in their romantic relationships? After necessary permission will be taken from Ethics Committee, the researcher will apply the scales via online to college students who have a romantic relationship.