If you answer and want more info about them, you will get 10 Words with nonsense just so you have to open as many letters as possible.

One woman wrote me every day and told me she wanted to meet me like tomorrow and she beg me to write back quickly so we could get the 15 letters opened.

Please understand that we are not a traditional arrange marriage type of site.

Rather, we encourage interaction between the Beautiful and Gorgeous Women that are posted up on our site and also require you to set up a profile and free account to engage in this activity.

On the other hand, the American society is famously egalitarian with equal respect for everybody regardless of sex.

Then, in some countries (like Russia) there is a serious imbalance in population ratio where men are highly outnumbered by the women.

We are certain, your expectations will be met and understand your excitement!

There are however, various reasons behind the mail order brides’ phenomena.

We aren’t saying they aren’t for real, but it really does seem there are no normal looking women signed up to the site; everyone looks like a super model!

Profiles can be rated too as you browse through them and you can see the girl’s average rating once you have rated yourself.

The search features are well implemented and let you search for women from a particular area or of a certain age, amongst other things.