Agency director Alona Kuzmina said that between three to five years ago, interest in obtaining a foreign partner became higher and higher.

“As soon as we entered the European Union and there was no need for a visa to visit many countries, ladies registered themselves on different Web sites and they had an interest in our agency as well.”Not only has it affected the women, but it’s opened the doors of opportunity for men from other EU countries, too.

Some of them were very romantic and sweet, others self-centered and just players over all.”But she thinks part of the reason why Baltic women tend to migrate to another country, if they do meet someone foreign, is a learned, or expected, behavior from the old times.

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“Men from abroad come to Latvia because the average [number] of single women here is much higher.”From the three Baltic States, Latvia has the highest number of women looking for foreign partners.

However, rumors abound about Latvian women – that they are “easy to get into bed,” or have been in the past. The well-mannered and well-educated suffer because of these sayings.”They suffer because there are many aspects about Baltic women which men-folk find appealing – and we’re talking about the genuine guys who aren’t just interested in a weekend romance, but a happily-ever-after ending.

They combine all these characteristics.”On the flip side of the coin, common qualities Baltic beauties seem to be looking for in a foreign partner are not necessarily the stereotypical “tall, dark and handsome” bachelor. [They seek] a man who can be a gentleman, on whom they can rely on, who will support them in any situation,” says Kuzmina.

She explained that ladies are looking for these particular traits in their “international interests” because there is no support from the males in their homeland.

But I can say that what ladies want usually changes after meeting the ‘right’ man.

Love makes changes in priorities.”Ieva Johnson, a native Latvian, met her now-husband in Mexico, when they were both on vacation scuba diving. She said, however, the fact he was from a different country to her own wasn’t part of the initial attraction. I just liked how fun he was.”Of course, she spent time socializing with and being courted by her homeland beaus prior to meeting her husband. It’s the same as anywhere - there are good guys and not so good guys.

All these factors make finding a mate hard work for those females intent on finding lasting love.

Another factor Kuzmina mentioned was that: “After entering the EU, able-working men went abroad for better earnings and to get a better life; most of them stayed there for permanent living.” So the male shortage also stems from local guys moving to what they see as “greener pastures.”A noticeable phenomenon is the number of Latvian ladies who have married a man from another country and gone to live abroad.

Local men in their 50s are too old for their age physically and mentally, and usually they have problems with alcohol.”Statistics show among under-30s in Latvia there is a considerable difference in the number of men-to-women ratio – in this age bracket men outnumber the women by more than 9,000.