3848000091Variations - Fast Recipes (Variations Cookbook)3848000105Variations - Fish & Seafood (Variations Cookbook)3848000113Variations - Meat & Poultry (Variations Cookbook)3848000121Variations - Vegetables (Variations Cookbook)3848000180Ingredients3848000288A Guy's Guide to Style3848000407Gothic: Visual Art Of The Middle Ages 1150-15003848000458Ornaments: Patterns for Interior Decoration3848000512The World Atlas of Musical Instruments3848001632Gift Wrap Paper Nostalgia (Giftwrap Papers)3848001640Gift Wrap Paper Roses (Giftwrap Papers)3848002132Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848002191Culinaria France3848002213Culinaria Spain3848002361Pictorial Atlas Of Acupuncture: An Illustrated Manual Of Acupuncture Points3848002809Portrait Drawing3848002841Cocktails: Fancy and Delicious Recipes for All Tastes384800285XSmoothies: Refreshing, Heatlthy and Delicious3848002949A Guy's Guide to Shoes3848003139Paper Toys3848003163Art & Architecture Berlin3848003201Art & Architecture Rome384800321XArt & Architecture Tuscany3848003228Art & Architecture Florence3848003236Art & Architecture Venice3848003244Art & Architecture Louvre3848003252Art & Architecture Musse D'Orsay3848003260Art & Architecture Andalusia3848003376Memo Game Gothic (art Epochs Memo)3848003414A Wine Lover's Guide3848003600Ice Cream: Frozen Favorites for All Tastes3848003686Handmade Shoes For Men384800383XChocolate: Homemade, Fancy and Delicious3848003872Culinaria Hungary3848003937Street Art3848003945Art & Architecture: Egypt3848003961Masters of Art: Raphael (Masters of Italian Art)384800397XMasters of Art: DÜrer (Masters of German Art)3848003988Masters of Art: Fra Angelico (Masters of Italian Art)3848004003Masters of Art: Bruegelpieter Bruegel (Masters of Netherlandish Art)3848004011Burgundy: Art, Architecture, Landscape3848004089Whiskey3848004143The Story Of Painting: From Renaissance To The Present3848004151The Story Of Architecture: From Antiquity To The Present3848004186Cistercian Abbeys: History and Architecture3848004232Paper Robots: 25 Fantastic Robots You Can Buid Yourself! Painting.3848008483Vienna: Art and Architecture384800853XDrawing the Human Figure: The Artist's Complete Guide3848008599Madrid And The Prado: Art and Architecture3848008637Homemade Presents: Inspiring Gift Ideas to Share3848008661Hannah Frey's Clean Eating Cookbook3848008718Friendly Food from Breakfast to Dessert: Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Without Added Sugar3848008769Culinaria Hungary: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848008823Detox Smoothies: Lose Weight With Smoothies and Juices384800934XGlobal Spices for Everyday Cooking3848009358Cooking with Fresh Herbs: Green Energy for the Four Seasons3848009374Green Juices for Beginners: A One-Stop Guide to Cleansing your Body3848009382Smoothie Bowls: Inspiring Healthy Foods3848009390Cakes!

3848004283The Story Of Philosophy: From Antiquity To The Present3848004739Anatomy Drawing School3848004763Masters of Art: Caravaggio (Masters of Italian Art)3848004771Homes On The Move3848005301Vienna: Art And Architecture384800531XHandmade Designs3848005506Masters Of Art: Botticelli3848005514Masters Of Art: Rogier Van Der Weyden (masters Of Netherlandish Art)3848005522Masters of Art: Leonardo Da Vinci (Masters of Italian Art)3848005530Masters Of Art: Piero Della Francesca (masters Of Italian Art)3848005549Masters of Art: Watteau (Masters of French Art)3848005557Masters Of Art: Titian (masters Of Italian Art)3848005565Masters Of Art: Ingres (masters Of French Art)3848005573Masters of Art: Michelangelo (Masters of Italian Art)3848005581Sports Car Racing 1895-1959 (english, German And French Edition)3848005611The Story Of Music: From Antiquity To The Present384800562XThe Story Of Modern Architecture3848005948Memo Game Street Art3848006014The World Of Spirits And Cocktails: The Ultimate Bar Book3848006340Just Style: Fashion Guide for Women3848006383The Story Of Inventions: From Antiquity To The Present3848006782The Pickling Handbook: Homemade Recipes To Enjoy Year-Round3848006839101 Smoothies: Mix And Enjoy! 3848006944Burgers Bagels And Hot Dogs3848007150Vegan Smoothies: Natural And Energizing Drinks For All Tastes3848007533Bespoke Menswear: Tailoring For Gentlemen3848007541Japan! : Fabulous Recipes to Bake and Enjoy3848009404Paleo: Recipes from the Cavemen's Cookbook3848009617Dot-to-Dot Berlin: An Interactive Travel Guide384800965XDot-to-Dot London: An Interactive Travel Guide384800979XArt & Architecture: Paris3848009943India!

C.), Adama Woreda, Oromia Regional State, Eth3848402807Sustainability in the Design of Electronic Consumer-Based Products: Models and materials ( POD Title)3848402823Epidemiology and Management of Leaf Blight of Taro: Leaf blight caused by Phytophthora colocasiae causes 25-50% yield loss ( POD Title)3848402831Customer relationship management in indian scenario: A strategic theoretical framework for relationship marketing in indian SMEs ( POD Title)3848402858Electrochemical biosensors: Advanced sensors based on voltammetric and elettrochemiluminescent techniques ( POD Title)3848402874Textual Content Localization in Video Databases: A Caption Detection Technique ( POD Title)3848402912Models For A Class Of Sustainable Supply Chain Routing Problems: Application To Reverse, Constrained, Resilient, Balanced, Responsive And Collaborativ3848402939Medicinal Plant Plumeria Alba Linn.

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Cot.10: Boon for 21st century ( POD Title)3848404699Digital Pyranometer: Fabrication and Performance Study of Digital Pyranometer ( POD Title)3848404729The Fallopian tube: A unique organ: A journey through the fallopian tube ( POD Title)3848404737Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu Extractability and availability in Egyptian soils: Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu Extractability and Availability ( POD Title)3848404745History of Science: Students' Handbook ( POD Title)3848404753Botnet Detection by Monitoring Common Network Behaviors: Botnet Detection by Monitoring Similar Communication Patterns ( POD Title)3848404761Female Entrepreneurial Networks in Iran: An exploratory study ( POD Title)384840477XSociety goes to War: Multiculturalism's failure between the Camp and the People ( POD Title)3848404788Understanding Culture in Disaster Response: The Case of Haiti: Earthquake Relief in Haiti ( POD Title)3848404796From Student to Transnational Migrant: Paradigm shift in student migration from Nepal ( POD Title)384840480XSupported Employment Within The Recovery Model Of Rehabilitation: The Importance Of Improving Outcomes For Individuals With Severe Mental Illness ( Po3848404818Microbusiness Failure: The Context of Underdeveloped Rural Economies: A Strategic Contingency Approach ( POD Title)3848404826The Conative Mind: Volition and Action ( POD Title)3848404834Characterization and Anti-diabetic evaluation of Lantana camara: Ursolic acid derivative with potent pharmacological significance ( POD Title)3848404842cotton leafworm and the efficacy of certain new means for its control: Ph. ( POD Title)3848405881Geophysics And Mineral Prospecting: Geophysical Studies For Exploring Promising Sites Of Mineralization In The Basement Rocks Of South Sinai, Egypt.

(3848405962The Use Of Tartan And Tweed Within Contemporary Fashion: Can Contemporary Fashion Designers Who Use Tartan And Tweed Create A New Twist To A Tradition3848405997Model Evaluation for Seasonal Forecasting over Southern Africa: Model Evaluation for Seasonal Forecasting ( POD Title)3848406012Visceral Leishmaniasis and The Environment: Remote Sensing and GIS in visceral leishmaniasis control ( POD Title)3848406039Student Learning Process Across Cultures: Unpacking the Role of Culture in Shaping Student Academic Motivation and Learning ( POD Title)3848406063High Molecular Weight Glutenins and Isozymes: Characterization of some synthetic hexaploid wheats ( POD Title)3848406071Cancer Biology: A Spectrum on Global Fitness Trouble, Modern Innovations and Opinion Argues ( POD Title)384840608XMicrowave- Accelerated Synthesis Of Isoxazole Inhibitors Of Sxc-: Microwave Accelerated Synthesis Of Isoxazole Inhibitors Of The System Xc- Transpo3848406098The Shrine and Langer of Golra Sharif: (A Case Study of Pakistani Shrine) ( POD Title)3848406101Growth, Yield And Nitrogen Utilization Of Barley: Growth, Phenology, Yield And Nitrogen Utilization Of Barley In Relation To Sowing Times And Nitrogen384840611XPermutation Polynomials and their Applications in Cryptography: Permutation polynomials and multivariate public key cryptography ( POD Title)3848406136Accessibility to Agricultural Credit by Grain Growers in Kenya: A Case of Uasin-Gishu County ( POD Title)3848406179Participation Of Women In Decision Making In Households: Participation Of Women In Decision Making On Income And Expenditure Matters In Households In3848406187Hybrid Models For High Dimensional Clustering And Pattern Discovery: Knowledge Discovery In Bioinformatics Databases Using Machine Learning Approach (3848406195Information Accessibility And Visual Impairment: Information Accessibility For Visually Impaired Students In Higher Education (the Iraqi Kurdistan Cas3848406209Special Schools in Puducherry: History and Development ( POD Title)3848406217Development Of Molecular Markers For Chromosome 5a Of Common Wheat: Development Of Rapd-Based Molecular Markers For Chromosome 5a Of Common Whear ( Po3848406225Biometric Authentication Systems: Digital Signal Processing based Perspective ( POD Title)3848406233A Screening And Identification Study On Gm Tomatoes And Tomato Seeds: Screening For Genetically Modified Tomatoes & Tomato Seeds And Identification Of3848406268Learning Object Recognition: Model and Components Establishment: A Holistic Model For Learning Object ( POD Title)3848406276Awareness on Environmental Concerns among Elementary School Students: Basics, Concepts, Models of Environmental Education Curriculam ( POD Title)3848406284Effects Of Different Types Of Locally Available Organic Manure: Ginger (zingiber Officinale Rosc.) Production; Using Organic Manures In Chitwan, Nepal3848406306Competencies for Correctional Social Work: Specialized Knowledge and Skills for Effective Practice ( POD Title)3848406314Biofunctionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles For Cancer Theragnostics: Design, Synthesis And Biofunctionalization Of Magnetic Nanoparticles For Targeted Ca3848406330Handwritten sentence recognition using Hybrid hidden Markov model ( POD Title)3848406349Pyrazoline Derivatives as Antitubercular Agents: Synthesis, Characterization & Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrazoline Derivatives ( POD Title)3848406365Liberal Islam in Indonesia: Jaringan Islam Liberal on Religious Freedom and Pluralism ( POD Title)3848406381Qo S Analyses for UMTS Cellular Network: Theory and Experimental Analyses ( POD Title)384840639XSee - Minimal: Minimal Form and Values in Contemporary Architecture ( POD Title)3848406403Aspects of war neuroses in pat barker's regeneration trilogy: The great war and neuroses ( POD Title)384840642XNovel Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) Engine: Design, Fabrication and Testing ( POD Title)3848406438Biomolecular Diffusion in Nanofluidics: Novel theoretical models of nanofluidic systems applied to biomedical and biological applications ( POD Title)3848406446Dementia care quality: Attitudes ( POD Title)3848406454Nicaea and Sovereignty: Constantine's Council of Nicaea as an Important Crossroad in the Development of European State Sovereignty ( POD Title)3848406462Towards Responsible Tourism: a Community-based Approach to Tourism Development in Indonesia ( POD Title)3848406470Qualitative Research: Papers on Qualitative Research in Business: Qualitative Research: Social Science, Business and Management ( POD Title)3848406500Climate Change: Impacts of Global Warming ( POD Title)3848406527ISWEC: a Gyroscopic Wave Energy Converter: Energy from the sea using the spinning top principle ( POD Title)384840656XNodulation and N assimilation in legumes under elements of technology ( POD Title)3848406578Biosystematics and Bioecology of Aphis spireacola Patch: Pest of Mexican aster and Lemon : Spiraea Aphid ( POD Title)3848406594Albanian Metatextual Literature: A short introduction ( POD Title)3848406608Optimization of Antihypertensive drug by using box-behnken design: Process Optimization- A link Between Academy and Industry ( POD Title)3848406616Supply Chain Systems and Demand for Aluminium: Case Study; Aluminium based raw materials in Kenya ( POD Title)3848406624Experiential Computing:: A Strategic Approach to Enhancing Efficiency in Universities ( POD Title)3848406640Malaysian Fast Food Brand Equity: Empirical Research ( POD Title)3848406659Uv- Methods For Anti-Hypertensive Drugs Using Hydrotropic Technique: Quantitative Estimation Of Anti-Hypertensive Drug Combinations Using Hydrotropic3848406667Vegetation Ecology and Dendrochronology of Chitral: Vegetation Ecology and Dendrochronology ( POD Title)3848406675Dental mobility and Splinting: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment ( POD Title)3848406683Ordinary Differential Equations: for Scientists and Engineers ( POD Title)3848406691Role of Change Management in successful implementation of ERP system:: A case study of Telecommunication Company ( POD Title)3848406705Birch Wood Quality Of Different Genetic Origin: Assessment Of External Wood Quality In Planted Silver Birch Stands Of Different Genetic Origin ( Pod T3848406713A European register of clinical trials on drug therapy in children: Collecting paediatric data to improve knowledge on drugs in children ( POD Title)3848406721Sovereignty and External Interventions: The Crisis in Cote dIvoire: Revisiting crisis in Cote D'Ivoire ( POD Title)384840673XProblems of English Intonation in a Second Language Situation: a study in communicative competence ( POD Title)3848406772Historical Evolution of Turkey's Europeanization Process: Is Turkey Ready for the Full Membership?

dissertation ( POD Title)3848407442Messianism In Ding Ling And Zhou Libo's Novels: A Study Of The Sun Shines Over The Sanggan River And The Hurricane And Their Literary And Philosophica3848407477Environmental Valuation in Hungary and Slovakia: A Case Study of the Baradla-Domica Cave System ( POD Title)3848407493Role of Social Capital in Post Disaster Initiatives: A Study at Northern Bangladesh ( POD Title)3848407507Physiological Manipulation of Bt Cotton Morphoframe by using Ethylene: A response of Cotton to early square removals ( POD Title)3848407515Validation of Numerical Simulations by 3D Scanning: Springback compensation in 3D scanning by Finite Element Analysis ( POD Title)384840754XEffect of Soybean Processing Methods on Broiler Performance: Use soybean meal processing methods on poultry performance ( POD Title)3848407558Tertiary Institutions Theory, Practice And Opportunities: Cases Of Makerere, Kyambogo And Uganda Martyrs Universities Of Uganda In Delivering Qualit3848407566Empirical Formulae for Calculating Neutron Yields: (±,n) and (p,n) Reactions for the Light Element Targets ( POD Title)3848407590The UNC-Method revisited: elements of the new approach: Eliciting software requirements in a complete, consistent, and correct way ( POD Title)3848407604Economic Potential of Iran Pakistan India (IPI) Gas Pipeline: Strengthening Regional Politics ( POD Title)3848407612Adaptive Educational Hypermedia: An Information System for Goal and Knowledge based, Semantically Enriched and Interoperable Tests ( POD Title)3848407639Small Molecule Inhibitors of the SARS-Co V Nsp15: Mechanism of Action and Insight Into Coronavirus Infection ( POD Title)3848407647Are Immigrants In Sweden Choosing Other Universities Than Natives?

: Comparing The Composition Of Students At Lund University And Malmö University ( Po3848407655Mens Issues, Mens Solutions:: The Effects of a South African Mythopoetic Mens Groups Activities on Gender Equality ( POD Title)3848407663Emergency Response Efficiency Through Crisis Leadership Training: Improving Emergency Response ( POD Title)3848407671Translating/Rewriting the Other: A Study of Paul Bowles' Translation of Moroccan Texts by Choukri, Mrabet and Charhadi ( POD Title)384840771XBestowing Authentic Leadership in Ghana and New Zealand: Bestowing Authentic Leadership ( POD Title)3848407728Student Leadership Development - A Case Study: One Schools Student Leadership Program And Its Effectiveness In Embedding Serving Leadership Into T3848407736Inclusion of Environmental Education Into South Korean Schools: The Need to Nurture Nature ( POD Title)3848407744There's more than meets the eye: emotional labor and employee outcomes: The case of Malaysian hotel workers ( POD Title)3848407760Ambiguous Loss In Families Of Veterans ( POD Title)3848407779Predicting the useful life of sliding polymer components: using Finite Element Analysis ( POD Title)3848407787Synthesis, Analysis, and Modeling of Analog Active Circuits: Generalized Symbolic Framework: Theory and Applications ( POD Title)3848407809Determinants of Retirement Status: Comparative Evidence from Old and New EU Member States ( POD Title)3848407825Finance Process Bpr Analysis In Swiss German University: Reengineering Business Process Of Finance Information System To Improve Business Performance3848407833Motorcycle Safety at Signalized Intersections: Statistical Analyses of Traffic Crashes ( POD Title)384840785XAnglers Perceptions Towards The Safety Of Kelong Fishing Area: Case Study: Kelong Paradise, Sabak Bernam Malaysia And Kelong Purple Inn, Klang Mal3848407876Multimodel Analysis of Data Collection Schemes: With application to the optimization of sampling scheme design ( POD Title)3848407884Assessing Readiness for E-Health In Egypt: A Case Study of Cairo University Hospitals ( POD Title)3848407914Molecular Epidemiology Of Malaria In The Interior Division Of Sabah: Comparison Of Microscopic Examination And Nested Pcr Detection Of Human Malaria P3848407922Studies On Regeneration And Genetic Transformation In Jatropha: Genetic Improvement Of Jatropha Through Plant Tissue Culture And Genetic Transformatio3848407957Mobile Phone Sniffer: A Simple way to measure radiations of mobile ( POD Title)3848407965The Social and Economic Implications of Migration:: Case Study of a Soninke village in Mauritania ( POD Title)3848407981Aspect Oriented Component Based Archetype Driven Ontogenesis: Combining Aspect-Oriented And Model-Driven Development For Better Software Development (3848408007Social Satisfaction Survey: A Practical Help Line in Techniques and Methods ( POD Title)384840804XUnderstanding the Impact of Land Cover Dynamics: on Sustainable Livelihood Strategies of Local People in Menagesha Suba ( POD Title)3848408066A Study Of Geo-Spatial Hotspots For The Occurrence Of Tuberculosis: Study Of Geo-Spatial Hotspots Of Tuberculosis In Kumaun Region Of Uttarakhand Indi3848408082Microbial Production of Biomass: Bioreactor, production of single cell protein, mushroom,biofertilizers,biocompost,yeast ( POD Title)3848408090Drought Stress in Peanut: Screening peanut varieties for drought stress tolerance- A physiological approach ( POD Title)3848408104Environmental And Financial Reporting: The Relationship Between Environmental And Financial Reporting By South African Listed Companies In The Mining3848408112Water Distribution: Analysis and Decision Support Tools for Intermittent Supply ( POD Title)3848408120Office Environment and Effectiveness of Secretaries: Office Layout ( POD Title)3848408139Multivariate Data Analysis Using R Software: Practical Excercises for Multivariate Analysis ( POD Title)3848408147Major Traditional Crops of the Hills: Economics & Technology Status: Major Traditional crops of the Hills of Uttarakhand, India ( POD Title)3848408155The Jugaad Technology (Indigenous Innovations): A case of Indian Origin ( POD Title)3848408163Diabetes and Periodontal Disease: The Tryptophan Metabolism Link: A HPLC Study ( POD Title)3848408171A Study of Wayfinding: Islamic Art Museum in Kuala Lumpur ( POD Title)3848408252Characterization and identification of probability distributions: Monograph ( POD Title)3848408260Livestock grazing and Natural Resource Management in Kumaon hills: A problem analysis ( POD Title)3848408279Self-Esteem Deficit, Suicidal Tendencies and Social Support: An Analysis of Empirical Data of Psychiatric Patients from Pakistan ( POD Title)3848408287South Africa's National System of Innovation: a Systems, Chaos and Complexity Perspective ( POD Title)3848408295Islamic Banking And Finance: Future Of The Financial World Order: The Way Forward To A Debt-Free Progressive World Shared Equitably By One And All ( P3848408309The Military in the Quest for Stable Federal System in Nigeria: Issues from the 1994/1995 Constitutional Conference ( POD Title)3848408325Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic Tourism in Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic Tourism Development in Tanzania ( POD Title)384840835XATM Usage: A Stakeholder Analysis: The Egyptian Context ( POD Title)3848408368Women Welfare Programmes: A Case Study of Lakkavarpu kota Mandal, Vizianagram District, Andhra pradesh ( POD Title)3848408376Can Advertising Save Lives?

Langra ( Po3848400162Medium: A study on physiological changes in Elderly with Special Reference to Age-Related Cognitive Deficit and its management ( POD Title)3848400170Minimal Intervention Dentistry: Scope And Evaluation For Success Of Treatment ( POD Title)3848400189Hose-reel Sprinkler Irrigation: Testing Performance in Irrigated Environment for Various Operating Conditions ( POD Title)3848400219An empirical solution for lifetime extension in sensor nodes: Application Independent ( POD Title)3848400243Iran Gas Industry as A Reliable Bed for Investment: An Investment Guide ( POD Title)3848400286Television Commercial Effectiveness on Banking Services: Iranian Perspective ( POD Title)3848400308Influences Of National And International Organisational Culture: Effects On Employee Behaviour In International Hospitality Sector Of India ( Pod Titl3848400316Basics of blood investigations in dentistry: A complete guide from understanding to ordering blood investigations ( POD Title)3848400332Ecology Of Insular Plant In Mountain Island In Egypt: Eco-Physiological Studies On Euphorbia Obovata As Insular Plant In High Mountainous Region, Sout3848400340Topics in Differential Geometry: Including an application to Special Relativity ( POD Title)3848400359Surface Roughness Study by Atomic Force Microscopy: Surface Roughness-Practical Example ( POD Title)3848400375Land use & Socio economic Survey for Sustainable Development: Khurushkul Mouza, Coxs Bazar ( POD Title)3848400383Anorexia Nervosa: A Three Dimensional Approach That Includes Psycho-Education, Family Therapy, and Mindfulness Practice ( POD Title)3848400391Statistical Properties of Fingerprint Patterns: Identifying the Guilty Without Convicting the Innocent ( POD Title)3848400413The Working of Upazila Parishad in Bangladesh: A Study of Kumarkhali Upazila ( POD Title)3848400421Identity Representations and Social Exclusion of Women in India: An Identity Discourse ( POD Title)384840043XSynthesis and Biological Activity of Metal Complexes: Melting Point, Elemental Analysis, Geometry of Complexes, Anti-fungal Activity ( POD Title)3848400456The Supernatural Famine: Recovering the metaphor in Lady Gregory's folktales ( POD Title)3848400480Exotic Layer Breeders- Reproductive Performance In The Tropics: Reproductive Performance Of Exotic Breeds Of Layer Breeders In The Tropics ( Pod Title3848400510Tribal Oral Health- An Indian Perspective: Oral health among Indian tribal children ( POD Title)3848400529Food Insecurity and Its Determinants Among Rural Households: The case of Babile District, East Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia ( POD Title)3848400537How to Sustain Students Motivation in a Learning Environment: Developing Students' Motivation ( POD Title)3848400561Co-Operative Societies Financed by ICDP in Himachal Pradesh: a study of Kullu district ( POD Title)384840057XTo Assess The Effectivenees Of Periocol-Cg On Clinical Healing: Periocol-Cg: Recent Chlorhexidine Chip Used As Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing In384840060XMeasuring Technical Efficiency Of Maize Yields And Its Determinants: Stochastic Frontier Model Building, Classical And Bayesian, Parameter Estimation3848400618Introducing a health information system in a developing country: Case: The Gambia ( POD Title)3848400642Contemporary Slavery In The Amazon Of Maranhão: Reality and Response ( POD Title)3848400650Phytochemistry and Bioactivity of Enicostemma Littorale: Antidiabetic plant ( POD Title)3848400669Hiv Preventive Health Behaviour Among Nigerian Undergraduates: Evidence-Based Findings For Program Officers, Policy Makers And Research Based Institut3848400685Gas Sensing And Field Emission Properties Of Sno2 & Zno Nanomaterials: Synthesis And Characterization Of Sno2 And Zno Nanostructured Materials For Gas3848400723Why Students Plagiarize: Intent, Unawareness, or Specific Identity?

( POD Title)3848400731Role of Competition Commission of india: A critical study of the competition Commission of India under Competition Act 2002 ( POD Title)3848400758Redesigning the Packaging System in Retail Supply Chain by Logi Pack: A complexity approach ( POD Title)3848400766Garlic And Its Health Promoting Perspectives: Utilization Of Garlic Extract To Mitigate Hypercholesterolemia And Hyperglycemia Using Rabbits Experimen3848400774Fitting Of New Standard Growth Curves Of Children's Nutritional Status: Developing Standard Growth Curves Of Children's Nutritional Status For India U3848400782Liquid Biofertilizer And Its Effect On Plant Growth: Enfluance Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria From Liquid Biofertilizer And It's Effect On Plant Growth ( Po3848400804A Canonical Quantization formalism of curvature squared action: curvature squared action in cosmology ( POD Title)3848400820Talent Identification and Development: High Ability, Hispanic, Bilingual Students ( POD Title)3848400847Social Capital, Solidarity, And Cohort Effect: An Analysis Of The Production Of Social Capital Among Union Miners In Harlan County, Kentucky ( Pod Tit3848400863Spacecraft Attitude Control: Development and Application of New Algorithms ( POD Title)3848400871Innovation in the Indigenous Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria: Strategic Implications for Practice and Policy Making ( POD Title)384840088XStreet and House Lighting Using Photovoltaic Panels: Photovoltaic System ( POD Title)3848400901Management of HIV/AIDS Stigma: Sexuality and Management of HIV/AIDS related Stigma in Tanzania ( POD Title)384840091XApplied Statistics for Business and Economics: An Integrated Approach ( POD Title)3848400936Computer-Assisted Tissue Engineering for Dental Applications: Multi-Object Reconstruction Technique ( POD Title)3848400944Trend Analysis of Ph D s in India 1998-2007: 45561 data points ( POD Title)3848400952Single women and the journey to exit homelessness: A hermeneutic inquiry ( POD Title)3848400979Amelioration of Genotoxic Damage by Natural Bioactivators: Antigenotoxic potential of Natural products ( POD Title)3848400987Nlakapmux Grandmothers' Stories: How Generations Of Indigenous Grandmothers Of British Columbia Carried Out Their Responsibilities To Transmit Knowle3848400995Effects Of Lead (pb) On Tobacco And On The Movement Of Rna Viruses: Physiological And Ultrastructural Effects Of Lead On Tobacco And Systemic Movement3848401002Jewish Healing: Systems and Practices ( POD Title)3848401010Novel Strategies for Inducing Antigen-Specific Immunological Tolerance: Focus on Dendritic Cells ( POD Title)3848401029Technical evaluation and standardization of biogas plants in Ghana: Biogas Technology in Ghana - Technical Evaluation and Standardization ( POD Title)3848401037Dynamical Networks: Analysis of their underlying topology ( POD Title)3848401053Mortality, Migration and Fertility Transitions in Sri Lanka: Theory, Concepts and Analysis ( POD Title)384840107XProtection of Database in Malaysia: A Legal Analysis ( POD Title)384840110XMarine Biology: Biological studies on Epinephelus malabaricus (Bloch and Scheneider, 1801) ( POD Title)3848401118Applications of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Bioassays: An experimental approach ( POD Title)3848401126Organic farming under Basmati rice-wheat-green gram cropping system: Organic farming ( POD Title)3848401177Fluid Flow Analysis Over a Car-Caravan Combination: Simulation of external flow around a car body with a caravan trailer attached ( POD Title)3848401185Sedimentology And Stratigraphic Evolution Of The Warchha Sandstone: Fluvial Cyclicity And Sequence Stratigraphy Of The Early Permian Warchha Sandstone3848401193Electrodeposition And Nanocomposites: Generation Of Zinc Nanocomposites By Electrodeposition And Their Corrosion Behavior For Technological Applicatio3848401215Capacity building for community based organisation: Significancy of capacity building on sustainability of community based organisation ( POD Title)3848401258Reproducing Oceanographic Processes In A Rotating Tank: To Demonstrate Conceptual Principals In Undergraduate Classes For Non-Science Majors ( Pod Tit3848401266A Comparative Study of Contamination of Water from Source to Mouth: A Comparative study in the squatter settlements ( POD Title)3848401290Growth Faltering and Under-Five Mortality in Uganda: Determinants, Trends and MDG Four ( POD Title)3848401312Corporate Financials and Equity Returns: A case of Public Sector Banks and Financial Institutions in India ( POD Title)3848401320Formulation of Microsphere with Antihelmintic Drug: Different Techniques for Preparation of Microparticle with Anti Helmintic Drug ( POD Title)3848401347Challenges of ICT Accessibility: in Fostering Socio-economic Development-in Case of Woldia Town Administration, Amhara Region, Ethiopia ( POD Title)3848401371Purchasing Activity Under Supply Chain Management: scm Works Within And Out Of The Organization Also.Ex Grah.: Studies On Antiretrovial Triterpenoid Betulinic Acid From Ancistrocladus Heyneanus Wall.3848412985The Europeanization of French, German and British China Policies: The case of the EU arms embargo on China ( POD Title)3848413000The Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters in the European Union: EU Judicial Cooperation ( POD Title)3848413027Overview On Cholelithiasis: Introduction and review on cholelithiasis (gall stone patients) ( POD Title)3848413035Catalytic Combustion Chamber: Combustion Chamber ( POD Title)3848413043Curcuma amada (Mango ginger): A potential medicinal plant: Bioactive properties of Curcuma amada ( POD Title)3848413086Microstrip L-Band Filter For Clock Source At Submeter Wavelength: An Application Of Ee Software For Filter Design As A Contributed Research For Microw3848413116Functioning Of Health Extension Program: Gimbo, Southwest Ethiopia: The Dynamics Of Stakeholder Interaction, Acceptance And Cultural Sensitivity At T3848413132The Regulation of Financial Services: Law & Finance ( POD Title)3848413140Automatic Text Summarization of Frequently Asked Questions Web Pages: Summarizing FAQs No Easier ( POD Title)3848413175Research Methodology:: What, Where and How to...Guide ( POD Title)3848413213Antibacterial Activity Of Camellia Sinsnsis Against Dental Caries: Comparison Of Antibacterial Activity Of Water And Ethanol Extracts Of Camellia Sin3848413221Human Rights and Poetry: A Study of Ugandan Women Poets: Susan Kiguli and Mildred Kiconco Barya ( POD Title)3848413248Replacement of Fat With Sesame Oil in Doughnuts and Its Properties ( POD Title)3848413272Queue Management And Quality Of Service (qos) In The Internet: A Novel Approach For Flow Protection For Providing Better Than Best-Effort Service In3848413299Transcending Learning and Development Activities: a critical perspective ( POD Title)3848413302Perceived Organizational Support: A look beyond Organizational Support Theory ( POD Title)3848413329An International Comparison of Productivity Change: Using Production Frontiers to Compare Agriculture and the Economy as a Whole ( POD Title)384841337XFundamentals Of Thermodynamic Geometries: Black Brane Attractors, Calabi-Yau Moduli, Higher Derivative Corrections, Sen Entropy Function & Ads/cft Cor3848413388Androgen Induced Masculinization and Growth in Common Carp: A Practical Approach ( POD Title)3848413396Plant Tissue Culture: An effective tool of biotechnology for conservation of medicinal plants ( POD Title)3848413426Antioxidants on poor freezable crossbred bull semen: Preservation of bovine semen with antioxidants for augmenting fertility ( POD Title)3848413434Nitric oxide formation from inorganic nitrate and nitrite: Contribution from eukaryotic and prokaryotic pathways ( POD Title)3848413450Design and Development of Dual-band Microstrip Antennas: Dual-band Microstrip Antennas: Design and Analysis Methodologies ( POD Title)3848413477Status Of Accounting Curriculum Implementation:: A Concerns-Based Adoption Model (cbam) Assessment In Ashanti And Central Regions Of Ghana ( Pod Title3848413485The Right to Development and the Malawian Law: The Malawian Law ( POD Title)3848413493Chromatin and Transcription; Face to Face: Chromatin in Gene Expression ( POD Title)3848413507Biofilms In Drinking Water: Formation And Control: Microbial Interactions On Biofilm Formation By Drinking Water Autochthonous Microorganisms ( Pod Ti3848413515Human Papilloma Virus infection in Kashmiri women: Assessment of Human Papilloma Virus infection in cervical epithelium of Kashmiri women ( POD Title)3848413523Fundamental Status of Marine Pollution in Pakistan: Status Of Marine Pollution ( POD Title)3848413531Static Analysis and optimization of Object Oriented Systems: Concepts and Approaches ( POD Title)384841354XPreliminary Heterosis in Snakegourd (Tricosanthes cucurminata): Heterosis in Snakegourd ( POD Title)3848413558Factors Influencing Slow Growth of Small and Micro Enterprises:: The Case of Hair Salons in Kisumu City of Kenya ( POD Title)3848413590Ethno-cultural Vegetables in Ontario: Understanding the Value Chain: Specialty Crops Value Chain in Ontario ( POD Title)3848413604Quality in Teacher Education: Assessing Quality of Primary Teacher Education in Private Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia ( POD Title)3848413612Playwright as Enchanter: A Compositional Method for Dramatic Writing ( POD Title)3848413647The Evolving Perception Of Preciousness In The Context Of Jewellery: Questioning The Sense Of Preciousness In Jewellery Through The Material Revolutio3848413655Discrete Invariants of Curves and Surfaces: Solving variational problems by using discrete invariants ( POD Title)3848413671Making Photovoltaic Nanostructures with Optimized Quantum Efficiency: Obtaining solar cells by magnetron sputtering deposition ( POD Title)3848413701Calculation Of The Magnetic And Electronic Properties Of Yfe Compounds: A First-Principles Calculation Of The Magnetic Properties And Electronic Struc384841371XAdoption of recommended production technology: By brinjal growers ( POD Title)3848413736Chemical Investigation of Medicinal Plants: Chemical investigation of medicinal plants in search of bio-active molecules ( POD Title)3848413744Entrepreneurial activity in the context of Sustainability: Exploratory study ( POD Title)3848413760Methylation Of Apc Tumor Suppressor Gene In Bladder Cancer: Molecular Screening For Bladder Cancer Project. Sanaa Eissa, Medical Biochemistr3848413779Rat sleep under the effect of electromagnetic radiation: Electromagnetic radiation hazards ( POD Title)3848413787Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: An evaluation of phenotypic and molecular methods for detection of MRSA ( POD Title)3848413817Walled City of Surat: History, Settlement and Architecture ( POD Title)3848413833Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Skills Development Among The Youth: Prospects and Challenges.(french Edition)3848256800Einführung In Die Studio-Fotografie (german Edition)3848258676Tage Des Jüngsten Gerichts (german Edition)3848259133Prega Bambino Mio, Prega, Che Domani Arriva Lo Svedese (italian Edition)3848260727Kidz Und Quanten (german Edition)3848261073Schlitzauge Oder Der Herrscher Des Glücks (german Edition)384826367XIch Bin Ein Pilger ...(german Edition)3848264676Träume Aus Zehn Nächten (german Edition)3848266849Die Fliegende Luftmatratze (german Edition)3848400014Attitude of Youth Toward NGOs: A better understanding of young minds ( POD Title)3848400030Organizational Commitment And Employees' Intention To Leave: Organizational Commitment And Employees'intention To Leave The Organization: A Study Of T3848400049Social Adjustment of Senior Citizens in Urban and Rural Areas: Senior Citizens ( POD Title)3848400065Milk Marketing Channel Choice: It's Determinants And Evaluation Of Transaction Costs In Smallholder Dairy Farming In Lilongwe Milkshed Area, Malawi (3848400073Asafo Flags With a Difference: Painting with Effutu Asafo Flag Art Concepts ( POD Title)3848400081Size And Chemical Characterization Of Indoor Particulate Matter: Studies On Mass Concentration And Elemental Composition Of Indoor Particulate Matter3848400103Unworkable Formula: Decentralization, Development and natural resource conservation in Lesotho ( POD Title)384840012XMotivation Through Performance Measurement: The Role Of Performance Measurement System In Motivating Employees To Achieve The Goals Set In The Corpora3848400138Enhancement of Telecom Services in Rural Areas of India: Mobile Sector ( POD Title)3848400146Plasma Polymerised Aniline Thin Films: Polymerised Thin Films ( POD Title)3848400154Mango: Malformation And Fruit Quality: Effect Of Copper And Non Copper Based Fungicides On Malformation Of Mango (mangifera Indica L.) Cv.: Japanese Cuisine for Beginners3848007568Meat: The Art of Cooking Meat3848007584Pasta: Fresh, Simple, and Delicious3848007630Fashio: 150 Years Of Couturiers, Designers, Labels3848007746Art & Architecture: Musée D'Orsay3848007983Fish & More: Fish and Seafood to Grill or Cook384800805XDairy Delights: The Home Creamery3848008068Berries: Garden and Countryside Delights3848008076Potatoes: 101 Recipes3848008122A Guy's Guide to Shoes3848008173Culinaria France: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848008181Culinaria Spain: A Celebration Of Food And Tradition384800819XCulinaria Italy: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848008203Culinaria China: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848008211Culinaria Germany: A Celebration of Food and Tradition384800822XCulinaria Greece: A Celebration of Food and Tradition3848008289Beautiful Earth: Our Planet Explored From Above3848008319The World's Most Famous Marathons: Running on 5 Continents3848008343Art Nouveau3848008394Renaissance: Architecture. : Recipes from the Bollywood Kitchen3848009978Smoothies for Kids3848010054Dot-to-Dot Barcelona: An Interactive Travel Guide3848010127Dot-to-Dot Paris: An Interactive Travel Guide3848010143Meatballs: Falafels, Skewers and More384801016XSparkling: Champagne, Prosecco, Cava & More3848010224Cooking with Superfoods3848010283Yiddish Cuisine: Authentic and Delicious Jewish Recipes3848010305Winter Smoothies3848010356Beans!