On first run of the plugin you will need to add a user before you can access a majority of the in-game commands. When a user is added you need to assign them a role.

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Users can have multiple soldiers so if your admins have multiple accounts you can assign all of those soldiers under their user.

Soldiers need to be in your database before they can be added to a user, so make sure they have been in the server with Ad Kats/Stat Logger running before you try to add them to a user.

It will error out if it cannot find the soldier in the database.

To add soldiers to the database quickly after installing stat logger for the first time, have them join any server you are running this version of Ad Kats on and their information will be immediately added.

Any newly added roles default to allow all commands so you will need to edit the allowed commands for new roles.

When you change a user's role and they are currently in-game they will be told that their role has changed, and what it was changed to.Ad Kats was inspired by the gaming community A Different Kind (=ADK=) Visit to say thanks! Gradinjan (Col Colon Cleaner) If you find any bugs, please submit them HERE and they will be fixed ASAP.A My SQL database accessible from your Procon layer is required.This system tracks user's soldiers so if they change their soldier names they will still have powers without needing to contact admins about the name change.Type a soldier's name in the "new soldier" field to add that soldier to a user.Ad Kats hands out powers based on roles you configure, these are completely separate from the setup you've done for Procon and are not affected by that system in any way.