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Becky Johnston became known as Buckwild, a contestant on the VH1 reality dating series Flavor of Love 2.

The problem isn't thin women, it's a culture that says a person's humanity is inversely proportional to their pant size.

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Looking sumptuous and cozy, Mo'Nique walks outside to greet the contestants, and they all respond with delight.

Buckwild proclaims her love for Mo, saying "She'll be bopping skinny bitches over the head!

Will the viewer's choices for Tiffany be her perfect match or does mother know best?

I'm going to go off on many tangents, make several sweeping pronouncements with no basis other than my own half-assed opinion and spitball a lot about the characters of people I've never met. We begin with an introduction of our 13 contestants, as well as a handy reason for explaining why some of them are here (besides, y'know, the siren call of the TV camera).

One by one, they tell Mo their real names, take off their nametags -- which are then burned -- and get their pledge pins. The thing with Flav giving the girls names has always bothered me, both for its creepy pimp-naming-his-stable connotations and because its ostensible reason was that Flav couldn't remember the girls' actual names, but he could remember characteristics about them like, say, Bootz or Hottie. Mo asks her what her real name is, but that is her real name; she didn't stick around long enough to get a Flav name.

But this being "celebreality," it's not without its entertaining moments as well. In her 20 minutes of fame, Flav had pronounced her name "Sapphire," which has its own weird history, but apparently the correct pronunciation is more like "Safari." Mo gives this name another withering look, and I'm right there with her. Mo says the girls will be subject to the 10 Commandments of Charm School, and that the challenges will be based on these commandments.

You know, I think Gwen Stefani rocked this very look in 1998.

Mo'Nique introduces herself as an actress, author and stand-up comedian.

Before the opens the door, Mo cautions the girls that since there are 7 bathrooms in the house, there's no excuse for poop on the floor. The girls run upstairs and start picking rooms, making jokes about how there are actually enough beds for all of them.

The trio pictured above wants to room together, but then Goldie notices that there are pictures above each beds, so rooms are assigned.

I think she wants to express her solidarity with non-privileged groups so much that she claims to be a part of them, and while it's motivated by a good impulse, the result is pretty insulting.