I have been very lucky to have been to Tahiti a number of times, the last spending time in all of the top resorts enjoying the best they have to offer in the ‘must stay’ over water bungalows.If I was to have a favorite the best would have to be the Four Seasons Bora Bora which offers the most incredible experience, Swimming with the Sharks & stingrays is a must, and I even decided to do the deep water option with the big sharks, Now that really did get the heart racing after looking down and seeing the sharks were at least 3 metres long & with 22 smaller ones circling me I was pretty happy to exit the water with all my body parts still attached.

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It became Madonna's fourth number-one single in the United Kingdom, giving her the record for most number-one singles for a female artist.

In the United States, it reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It was released as the album's final single on February 25, 1987 by Sire Records.

The instrumental version of the song was first offered to Michael Jackson before Madonna both accepted it and wrote the lyrics and melody.

In the accompanying music video, Madonna portrayed two opposite characters – a young, pious Catholic woman and a glamorous, passionate Latina.

The Latin style and the flamenco red dress she wore became a trend later.

The song is one of the most performed live songs by Madonna, appearing in six of her world tours, the most recent being on the Rebel Heart Tour (2015–16).

Madonna has regularly performed the song in its Spanish form, sometimes with tribal or folk songs and remixes to accompany it.

Such a diverse country I love Kuala Lumpur as it has a real buzz about it.

I spent my time staying in luxury at the Hilton hotel and venturing out on day trips to the fame Buddha & Bat caves.

I love how you can go sleep all day and go out for dinner late at night, I have some amazing memories of tramping up to the top of a volcanic pinnacle and the view from the monastery at the top, It amazes me how we managed to walk up the top and even more so how they managed to build a stone Monetary on top, I must say we were happy to find a small fridge at the top where you could purchase a cold drink in the heat of the day and enjoy what I can only say was the best can of coke I’ve ever tasted.