Our clients are very selective about the people they go out with.told us before she joined that her friends described her as being ‘far too fussy’ – they were constantly telling her to join an introduction agency.‘The thought of coming home to find my flat being stripped by bailiffs has certainly taken the sparkle out of any romantic ideas,’ she says.

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On its website, it boasted of being ‘the number one dating agency in the UK’ with branches in several major cities.‘Elect Club is an exclusive social network for attractive, dynamic, eligible professionals looking for a serious relationship,’ it said.

‘We have set the standard in discreet, selective and personalised introductions.’The firm, or ‘niche introduction agency for attractive professionals’ as it described itself, even offered a special service for the over-40s and the company boasted it had been featured in glossy magazines including Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

, a very successful property developer from London met a particularly beautiful girl through Attractive Professionals.

Gina was not only good to look at – she was funny, intelligent and kind also.

Equally, if I am introduced to my partner by a friend I’m not going to be grateful to her for the rest of my life.’Ms Guennifa said she and other consultants had undertaken a four-month home course with a company whose name she could not recall – ‘it was called Infinite something’ – culminating in two weeks’ study at the London School of Economics, where they sat an examination.

When I rang the LSE, they said they had never heard of such a course.He had been a member of a dating agency in Gerrard’s Cross in Buckinghamshire that had shut down and Elect had bought it. When Ms Fontaine emailed to complain, she received an email back from Daniel Andre, the CEO of the company, saying: ‘Each of our members have specific criteria and their requirement doesn’t especially match your profile, I am afraid. Unfortunately, Elect decided she owed them two months’ membership.Ms Fontaine, who was awarded an MBE in 2007 for her charitable work, is now being chased by a debt-collection agency for outstanding fees.It is our job to find compatible partners for our clients – after that we are no longer necessary - which is exactly how it should be. That doesn’t mean we can’t find suitable partners for people living outside London – we can!However, they say that London is a very lonely place when you are without a partner.We were impressed with their choice and they were impressed with each other.