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By Top10Best Dating Sites Staff Have you combed through all the singles events San Diego has to offer...

only to keep encountering a dating pool that is clearly too young for you?

A "lock and key" event is an icebreaker event designed to introduce you to new people fast.

Not only are there specialty drinks and a happy hour food menu, but the event hosts make sure that conversation keeps going and everyone has a good time.

Held in Downtown San Diego, Hardrock's Intervention is a large "day party" that's perfect for older singles who want to meet others in a low pressure environment - and who don't want to commit to a late night out.

In fact, Intervention ends at 7 PM on a Sunday night, making it one of the least exhausting singles events San Diego offers.

San Diego senior dating doesn't have to be difficult, you just need to know where to look.

Clubs, seedy bars, and other nightlife venues probably aren't the place that you're going to find your perfect over-40 paramour.

Though some of the youngsters will undoubtedly continue partying on, the event is ideal for those who just want a taste of the night life without the exhaustion that's sure to follow. Speed dating events are regularly held by Cloud 9, and they're often tailored to a specific demographic.

Cloud 9 holds speed dating events that are specifically for those over 40 or accomplished professionals, so that you can meet people who are in the same stage of life as you and who share the same goals.

If you want to meet older professionals, this is the place to do it - not a lounge or a bar.