Challenge in my work method is to get all references and credits for my images.My goal being of giving a very personnal vision to the image, I have to get as far as possible from my references and original images, but keeping the mood and story that I want to share through the final image. When I have an idea, I start by creating a moodboard or a collage of images that inspire me and are visually close to what I’d like to achieve.I am French and I have a real passion for the image and work around the image. What medium do you use, and why did you choose this medium ?

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As the end of the school year rolls around, military families either begin packing out or watch a few friends prepare to move on to their next adventure.

Here at MOAA, we don’t escape the consequences of PCS season either.

This world reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world around us as she sees it : with a hint of playfulness and fantasy.

Her approach is often intuitive; she discusses her work with feelings … Flanelle : Tell us a little bit about yourself My name is Madeleine AKA ​​Mamzelle Poppy.

Despite its many benefits, starting a business ranks high on the list of top marriage stressors.

Even if your spouse’s day job involves a uniform, they can invest in your business in many ways.

As being derived from a 3D digital image formation I like the contact with the graphics tablet. When someone sees your art, what do you hope they will grasp or enjoy about the paintings?

I want the public to hear the playful, fresh and generous side of my creations.

Recently, we wrapped up another year with a great class of Currently Serving Spouse Advisory Council members, and a few of them are packing up and moving out of the area.

Additionally, Jennifer is getting ready to PCS with her Marine Corps family.

Then, I exploit it and transpose it in my universe.