Each day as Kevin left I'd go to the door and give him a kiss goodbye and then try and find something to keep myself busy until he came home 12 or 13 hours later. He had to go north of Atlanta so he was out the door by . I kissed him goodbye, wished him luck and watched him go up the stairs to drive away. I saw one that looked to be chasing a frog and walked over to the edge of the landing to get a closer look. He had what looked like a tattoo of what looked like an Omega on his arm. "Well, I can offer you a cup of coffee while you wait for the office to open up," he said. "Or you can wait out here, I have to get ready for work," he added. The remote for the TV is on the table." He walked back to his room and closed the door behind him. Strong and dark, it needed a little cream to mellow it out. She gasped again as the tip of his cock touched her between her legs. I kept thinking, "It'll never fit." Her head rolled back as the head disappeared inside her. He pulled me close and I felt his cock flat against my stomach as he kissed me gently on the lips. His large hands and long fingers ran the soap over my shoulders and I closed my eyes as he held my breasts and lightly pinched my nipples. I could feel his cock against my back as his hands slid down my stomach and spread my legs. I was so wet and I let out a little gasp as he began to finger me. My back began to tense and my head turned from side to side. I'd forgotten where I was and now I was just concentrating on what was going on. I forced my hips up into his face as I held his head, my body exploding on his tongue."I make a mean cup of coffee." I agreed and he unlocked his door. She steadied herself and he slowly pushed down on her hips. I returned his kiss with a deep kiss feeling his hands slide all over my body. I was gasping for air as he kept gently touching my clit.

My heels dug into his bed but his hands held me fast.

I looked up and his face was inches from mine and I knew he could feel the insides of my cunt contracting and sucking against his cock.

We moved to a suburb outside Atlanta and found ourselves a small one-bedroom apartment in a very nice complex while we looked for a house we liked. I kept looking at his door and then at the movie to see what was going on, maybe I could just watch a minute of it then rewind it. I was getting really nervous but I couldn't bring myself to turn it off. I undid my bathrobe and let it fall to the floor next to his running clothes.

It was a nice community filled with mostly young professionals who were starting out or passing through. We had joked about them in college but I hadn't ever actually seen one before. Samuel would never know, besides I could hear the shower running. The guy on the screen began to kiss the girl tenderly on the neck and then worked his way down her chest. I put my fingers into the waistband of my shorts and slid them to the floor.

I watched almost in a sexual daze as a set of black fingers on each knee slowly pushed my legs farther apart. He reached down and ran his hands up my arms pushing my arms up over my head, his fingers entwined with mine holding me under him. He smiled and began to slide slowly out until just the tip remained inside then he slid all the way back inside. The danger of it, the tabooedness of it, the mental image of him screwing my white ass so completely set me into a continuous orgasm.

His cock was straight out in front of him covered in my salvia. I gasped again and again as he began to fuck me harder and deeper. His cock grew harder and bigger and I knew that he was going to come in me soon. I began to think about his balls forcing gobs of thick wiggling sperm deep into my unprotected womb, searching for an egg to spear. I liked to stop and watch the ducks build their nests when I got back from errands or the gym. Georgia in the summer back before air-conditioning must have sucked. I hadn't even put my blond hair up in my normal ponytail, which kept me cooler. I heard someone coming down the steps and turned around. He was always immaculately dressed in a nice suit and had hours that were often as long as Kevin's. He must have just come back from an early morning run. His sleeveless shirt clung to his body which I had to admit was very muscular. He jiggled the door and asked if any of the windows were unlocked. A computer sat in the corner along with a small weight machine. He was standing behind her and his hand slid down and disappeared between her legs. My mouthy was really dry as I glanced at Samuel's door to make sure he wasn't coming out. It showed his cock sticking straight up as she spread her legs slightly and he put his hands on her hips. I'd never even considered a black man as a lover before. I wanted to have an orgasm, orgasms, like the girl in the tape. It was open a crack and I could hear the water still running. His running clothes were on the floor next to his bed, which was unmade. My hand reached around his cock and gently washed it up and down. I ran my hands up and down it wondering what it would feel like in me. Turning off the water he pulled the shower curtain aside and pulled out a clean towel and began to pat me dry like a prize. Then he took my hand and led me out of the bathroom and towards the bed. Samuel's tongue must have done this many times before. It darted in and out and ran up and down the soaking folds of my cunt. I squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples as he quickened the pace.I didn't know anyone; we'd only been there about 3 weeks. I'd thought about getting a job but Kevin told me that we would probably be moving again in 6 months so I said, "why bother". I watched the sun beginning to poke its head up over the trees and watched my friends the ducks swimming around. He stood about 6 foot and must have weighed about 195. I told him that as far as I knew they were all locked. A TV and VCR and DVD sat in a very nice cherry cabinet. He looked at me, smiled and said, "I have to take a shower and get ready for work. The sweat from outside was cooling off and I actually felt chilled. My nipples were poking out under the thin robes fabric. I picked up the remote and pushed the power button. The couple on the screen had shifted so that the blond was facing the black guy. She steadied herself by holding on to the couch by his shoulders and began to lower herself down. Hell, I'd only been with two other men before Kevin. He placed his hands on my shoulders as I played with his balls and he slowly got bigger and harder in my hand. I was going to come on his finger if he didn't stop. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.I had a little pit in my stomach as I followed him inside. Her head fell forward onto his shoulder and you could hear short gaspy breaths as that cock slowly impaled her. Soon all you could see were his balls resting under her ass. I finally had to push his head away as I was getting too sensitive.She rotated her hips as if she was grinding herself against him. I swallowed another sip of coffee and watched her come again and again. The black guy was now on top with her knees up by her shoulders as he pounded into her. I thought that was just a figure of speech but my knees were shaking. I looked down between my outstretched thighs to see his black head look up and stare into my eyes.He kept sliding in and out fucking away and I kept coming.