What's most challenging is trying to get enough men -- and getting men to realize we aren't trying to marry them off.

We try to keep it kind of light -- if it happens, great, but if not, no big deal. Normally men rotate [between dates], but we allow the men to sit still and women to rotate.

How does it work, and what's different about Sassy Socialite speed dating? We realize when you meet someone, usually it's physical. We realized women like to strut, show their curves, show their outfits.

We throw questions in, ice breakers, we have sponsors that give gifts, we make them dance, we give them topics and make them give each other compliments.

So each round we throw in something a little bit different, and by the end of the day they're laughing and having fun.

We don't put any real restrictions on conversation, the only thing we ask people to do is be very respectful. She met a guy at one of the speed dating games we had in 2010. That's the best way I can describe it, just seeing what I see. Being a hairstylist, I deal with women all day, and doing promoting I deal with men.

We don't want anybody being downright gross or ignorant. They've been dating ever since and they're pretty serious. I don't think the club is someplace to find [love] but there's not that many [places] out there. I hear things clients tell me and then I'm able to witness some of the things when I'm out.

Not so many people are going to business meetings or the grocery store and meeting people like they did back in the day. Typically the men are looking for someone for that night. For more information about registering, see the Facebook event page.

After throwing so many speed dating events, Newsom has a unique view of romance in Detroit. A lot of people think because it's speed dating it's really uptight.

Huff Post spoke with her to find out what's so great about having 30 dates in on night and whether the Detroit singles scene is really as bad as they say. But once they get there, and they're doing things, they're like, "Oh, I really enjoyed myself." People always say the dating scene, the bar scene, is boring.

They soon added a fifth woman, Janine Gray, and have been working together for the past three years.

Each woman is juggling the Detroit-based business as a side project to her personal career.

One of the dating services for meeting local people is Windsor speed dating.