Before Dylan, Maggie used whatever set she was working on as her dating pool. One of her most egregious conquests was a married dolly grip (cameraman) from who had a wife and a young toddler at home.Maggie Q made sure that photos of her straddling and kissing the cameraman went to the wife, and told the wife that he was “unhappy and not living his truth.” Nice, right?

My mom said we had to find some glasses before we went in, so we ran to a local mall right before the audition and bought them, and Sam liked them so much they're the same ones I used in the video." De Loach said the appearance became the definition of an "overnight" success.

"I woke up the next morning, and it was a hit," she said.

Now, I would be in awe to breathe that in one more time." Earlier this year Blind Melon released their first new album in nearly a decade after replacing late singer Shannon Hoon with Travis Warren, who recently announced his departure from the band.

Though she's not in touch with members of the band, De Loach said she still gets recognized as the Bee Girl all these years later.

"At times, I wish I had been older, because it was the time of my life, like playing Halloween every day.

I got to attend the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards and do the Bee Girl routine again to close the show, and I got to meet [artist id="1098"]Madonna[/artist] and [artist id="1090"]Janet Jackson[/artist], and I was seated next to [artist id="1006"]Pearl Jam[/artist] singer [artist id="1202543"]Eddie Vedder[/artist]!

She has picked her target on her current project (a TV show), so everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. At least this time she is picking someone who isn’t married!

When she flaunted a relationship she had with a married coworker a couple of years ago, she broke up his marriage, created drama on the set, and gave herself the reputation as quite the little home wrecker.

"They told me Sam didn't look at any other tapes," she said.