The narrativetone stays calm, as the events come thick and fast.Unsentimental, with various ellipses and allusions, and shot with wonderful colour compositions and an incredible feel for space, architecture and cityscapes, the film ultimately attains extraordinary profundity.This world exclusive clip shows the moment Nancy and Jack accidentally meet and Jack suffers every blind date-ee’s worst nightmare – verbal Diarrhoea.

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It’s been like a hilarious mystery.’Emmi came to understand the scale of this film when she turned up to a recording session at Abbey Road Studios.

While she was there, she listened to an orchestra play the film’s theme song, composed by James Newton Howard.

The owner pretends he doesn't recognize her to cover up his mistake, but Spencer has the receipt as proof.

He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt.

Aw cute, despite the gut-twistingly cringe introduction they still manage to hit it off.

That is until Nancy has to reveal she’s not who he thinks she is, starting with the fact she is not the 24-year-old she has claimed to be.

Meanwhile, Aria, Hanna and Emily are waiting outside for her in the skeevy parking lot next to a dumpster, discussing the oddness of Wren and Melissa's rendezvous the night before.

Spencer comes out and reports the bad news - she basically stole her sister's wedding ring.

Und doch bekommt man alle seine innern Regungen mit.» Programm Zeitung «Von einer wunderbaren Melancholie durchzogen.» Zitty, Berlin Best Film & Best Director, Sofia International Filmfestival Fipresci Prize, Sofia International Filmfestival Toronto International Film Festival Tokyo International Film Festival Abu Dhabi Film Festival: Special Juryprize Tbilisi International Film Festival Palm Springs International Film Festival Forum des Jungen Films, Berlinale International Film Festival Vilnius Go East Festival, Best Directors Award Lecce Filmfestival, Golden Olive Tree «Ein wunderbar melancho-komischer Novemberblues aus Georgien.» SRF Schweizer Radio, Brigitte Häring «Ein langsam glimmendes Entzücken mit einem gefühlvollen Nachleuchten.» Variety «Ein zutiefst humaner Film, der lange nachklingt - man möchte sofort nach Tbilissi reisen.» Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Till Brockmann «Dieser Film ist eine Seltenheit.

Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski and Tina and Queenie Goldstein visit a speakeasy for reasons pertaining to their adventure. It’s dark, seedy, and the perfect sanctuary for witches and wizards looking for a drink.

On an outing to the Black Sea, he falls in love with the hairdresser Manana.