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TS ASIAN GIGI del Rosario ***VISITING for 3 NIGHTS in HOUSTON GALLERIA*** From March 20 (MONDAY) to March 23 (Thursday).

C.: https://twitter.com/jenn_ruth/status/514848104303325184/ One Twitter user urged Williams to “resist the real terrorism and say #No To America,” while another told her she would look beautiful in a hijab.

A Saudi follower told her she was now “famous” in the Saudi kingdom, and a friend who works at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said her conversion story is being used “as propaganda by Salafis in Arabic-language social media circles.” In her piece at the Lawfare blog, Williams expressed shock that her tweet attracted so many extremists, writing: “I, for one, do not appreciate having my conversion story used to attract more people to a repugnant ideology that spawns suicide bombings and beheadings.” She added that she supports LGBT rights (and tweets her support, too), and loudly speaks out against the Islamic State, but all of that was seemingly ignored when the Islamists found a potential propaganda opportunity.

I am do not do drama and honesty is import..» «My ideal mate is a man that is strong, but a teddy bear at heart. A man who indulges himself in everything that he does wholeheartedly and is also passionate.