The common thread among all those shifted by President Zuma into strategic positions and who find themselves in court, is they are either wilfully ignorant or grossly incompetent when it comes to understanding their constitutional mandate – just like their boss. As communities across the world prepare to accommodate more than 65-million refugees fleeing communities decimated by war and poverty, we need new ways of responding to the associated mental health challenges in order to prevent traumatic memory from crippling families and communities in decades to come. If in doubt, haul out the big numbers to emphasis delivery – and add another inter-ministerial committee (IMC) into the mix.At last count there were about 12 such committees, excluding those established for short-term projects, for a Cabinet of 35 ministers already organised into ministerial clusters on, for example, justice, crime prevention and security, governance or the economy.

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Dlamini is effectively under supervision of the Constitutional Court while Zuma is suddenly intervening – after another non apology. The judiciary and the courts are particularly vulnerable to political interference.

In the present milieu, they are the last line of defence when all other avenues have failed to deliver on constitutional guarantees. On Friday, the North Gauteng High Court found that Hawks head Lieutenant-General Mthandazo Ntlemeza “lacks the requisite honesty, integrity and conscientiousness to occupy a position of public office...

On Thursday the president said there was no proof of illegal deductions from social security grants.

A year ago he said these illegal deductions had increased.

While the move was widely condemned, decisions like this highlight the prevailing culture in football that allows misogyny to trump respect for women. Mbandlanyana was quick to come to the defence of Gengezi Mgidlana, the Secretary to Parliament, whose recent travels to the United States raised many questions for the Daily Maverick but perhaps he should have rather left it to those in the know to take up the fight.

By MARIANNE MERTEN.“Absolute incompetence.” Minister Bathabile Dlamini probably does not care that Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng delivered this damning assessment of her handling of the social grants system.

It was also Moyane (as well as Minister Bathabile Dlamini) who dismissed committee member and Treasury official Wiseman Mathebula’s early concerns about CPS’s BEE credentials. Can we start packing our bags to live on another planet?

Moyane, it appears, is a quiet kingpin in Zuma’s tight band of protectors. (Tempting.) If it’s not a planet and it’s not a star, what is it? Knowledge of astronomy, like most sciences, is increasing exponentially, and it can be hard to keep up.

“Accountability is a central value of the Constitution.