Explanations of this phenomenon include the rapid growth of the sex industry, increasing numbers of homeless persons and refugees in Ukrainian cities, poor diagnostic facilities, punitive legislation that reduces the likelihood of going to treatment services, and limited or inadequate treatment (2).

The Ukrainian government is reviewing its arrangements for the control of STDs, including HIV/AIDS, to identify clear objectives and priorities.

An effective strategy for the control of STDs in Ukraine will, therefore, need to find ways to modify current programs and the way they interact to create effective control interventions.

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The video shows a local LGBT community in Kryvyi Rih and the Azov representative expressing his Battalion's views concerning people of different sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

He and his comrades at volunteer civil battalion are ready to tackle this "problem" with quite radical approach.

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This comprehensive program will tackle not only STDs but other related issues, such as HIV and teenagers' reproductive health (5).

Greater coordination of the agencies responsible for STD control in Ukraine will be sought, together with an expansion of health promotion and prevention projects for young persons and groups at high risk (6).If you do travel to meet Russian brides, you will see how family and home oriented Russian women are, you will make sure that Russian mail order brides search for a western man for serious relations leading to making a true family.Don't think, however, that Russian brides are desperate to get out of Russia.Education and treatment would be effective in preventing the spread of STDs in Ukraine, but these measures are inadequately funded (3).Evaluation and risk reduction are also great weapons in preventing the spread of STDs (4).Sex is everywhere in modern Ukraine – in advertising, pop music, cinema and, of course, on the internet – but even so, it is still embarrassing for many young Ukrainians to talk about it, or to express their sexuality.