The cast and crew got the sense that they weren't working on your typical high school drama -- or even your typical TV show — while filming the pilot.

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Actors were encouraged to improvise and try things off-script.

Britton: I was absolutely adamant that this was a terrible idea.

Chandler: I always thought of it like back before the USSR fell, and you'd have a defector come to the United States and he'd stand in a grocery store with all of these thousands of products and he'd freeze.

You know when you get to set, you're going to throw all the preconceived ideas out the window.

A friend in Harrison`s circle said they considered the pair an item, although they stressed that both were "very discreet" about the romance.

And another source confirmed last night that Adams and Harrison, nicknamed ``Tooty`` by friends, had been in a relationship.

You don't realize as you're shooting it, but looking back, there were a lot of commercial challenges to the initially marketed to boys and football fans, which made it difficult thereafter to sell what, essentially, was a character drama to women.

Along with the Taylors, Tim would stick around for all five seasons of the series.

Antonia Harrison, 35, an advertising executive, who is said to have been in a long-term relationship with the singer, refused to divulge any information about Adams` relationship with Grimaldi.