Non-Muslims are not like the Alvivi Duo who slyly advocated to Muslims to partake of bah-kut-teh.

But JAKIM has been relentless in its "agenda" as seen in the hot sausage ridiculousness and other nonsense.

It is a public institution catering to Muslims and their right to practice their faith in accordance with its own requirements.

The annoying thing is JAKIM has pushed the halal thing to the point of ridiculousness, absurdity and nausea, as evidenced by the hotdog-hot sausage nonsense which even Muslim ministers scoffed at - that has been how ridiculous JAKIM was and I bet still is, thus YP defence of JAKIM is untenable in some regards, especially in the Macca birthday cake nonsense.

But OTOH, JAKIM's imposition of its halal rule with regards to Macca is threatening, wait, has already threatened non-Muslim rights to enjoy a kiddy birthday with a birthday cake (but not halal certified) in that outlet.

Murid :: acu nak tau dak, ada sorang budak pompuan kelas kamidia kan penah buat tu..."acu:: buat apa???

Murid:: ala..tu la...acu:: buat "tu" tu buat apa???

And we taxpayers are funding such a oppressive and ridiculous department to the equally ridiculous tune of RM1 Billion per annum.

Per our previous statement concerning Cenbet, YP reiterates its condemnation of the organisation as one that has a corrosive effect on intercommunal relations in Malaysia.

YP further demands that Cenbet immediately withdraw the offending statement against Jakim, and issue an immediate apology thereto.

for furthering racial and religious tension caused by its previous press statement regarding the EPF sharia contribution scheme in June 2016 coupled with this latest statement denouncing Jakim issued by the same organisation.

That is not a problem with Mc Donalds normally, because they don't allow outside food being consumed in their restaurants.