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I recently discovered a little quirk involving VPS servers and Ruby Gems.

bulk updating gem source-77

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Salesforce bulk API is a simple ruby gem for connecting to and using the Salesforce Bulk API. To initialize: in your Gemfile There are two ways to authenticate with Sales Force to use the Bulk API: databasedotcom & restforce.

The way to avoid this problem is to update Ruby Gems… Unfortunately, this was not in my local repository.

$ which ruby /usr/bin/ruby $ ruby -v ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-12 patchlevel 174) [i486-linux] $ which gem /usr/bin/gem $ gem -v 1.0.1 $ which rails /usr/bin/rails $ rails -v Rails 2.2.2 $ gem install sqlite3-ruby Bulk updating Gem source index for: could not find sqlite3-ruby locally or in a repository Ruby 1.8.7 is a current version. From the Ruby Gems User Guide: If your Ruby Gems version is 0.8.5 or later, you can upgrade to the latest version with: Your ruby version is fine, 1.9 is still a little experimental and there are a number of libraries that don't work quite right with it yet.

records_to_update = records_to_update.push(updated_account) salesforce.update("Account", records_to_update) # Upsert upserted_account = Hash["name" = "123456"] # Fields to be updated.

External field must be included records_to_upsert = records_to_upsert.push(upserted_account) salesforce.upsert("Account", records_to_upsert, "External_Field_Name") # Note that upsert accepts an extra parameter for the external field name # Delete deleted_account = Hash["id" = "a00A0001009z A2m"] # We only specify the id of the records to delete records_to_delete = records_to_delete.push(deleted_account) salesforce.delete("Account", records_to_delete) # Query res = salesforce.query("Account", "select id, name, createddate from Account limit 3") # We just need to pass the sobject name and the query string # A job is created # Useful when you need to store the job_id before any work begins, then if you fail during a complex load scenario, you can wait for your # previous job(s) to finish.

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