Races and other events are started by simply stopping at any of the traffic lights and applying the accelerator and brake at the same time.

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In a similar vein to cleaning and organizing, decorating can be a blast!

One of my favorite early dates with my husband was spent going to Target, picking out Christmas ornaments, décor, and a tree, then putting them up and decorating at his apartment.

He also said "To create truly next-generation gameplay, we needed to create a truly next-generation game from the ground up." Initially day and night cycles were not included in the game but a software update entitled "Davis" added this element to the game.

For the first time in the series, records are now kept on a player's drivers license, including statistics such as fastest time and biggest crash for every street in the game.

This can be especially challenging if you have children and would have to find a sitter before you go out.

Pick, prepare, and share a nice out-of-the-ordinary dinner together, and pair it with a tasty dessert!

Even when it’s not Christmas season, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home! “California dreaming, on such a winter’s day…” There’s snow on the ground. What better time to make plans for a future trip or vacation to someplace fun and warm?

You may need to pick up a few things out at stores, or find them online and wait for them to arrive, but it will be fun to decorate and rearrange with your partner. Spend an imaginary warm evening together planning a trip – dates, travel, activities, accommodations… This may mean a significant portion of the evening in front of a computer looking at destination websites, but the dreaming and anticipation can be so much fun.

When in doubt, you can also bust out the playing cards for some epic thrown downs of War or Rummy. Put on some music, pop open your favorite beverages, and get it done!

My husband and I have had more fun than you would imagine cleaning out our attic.

Reviewers felt the game had an excellent sense of speed, and praised the open world gameplay, a first for the Burnout series.